The Most Liked Car Brands All Have This in Common

Over the years, many car brands have built future classics. Chevrolet produced the sporty Corvette, Ford designed the muscular Mustang, and the long-gone American Motors Company sold the Eagle back when SUVs weren’t even a thing yet. Consumers usually bought these vehicles for fun. 

Today’s car buyers want something they can trust that will last and save them money in the long run. So Consumer Reports recently released “The Most and Least Liked Car Brands.” The top four automakers on the list are Tesla, Lincoln, Ram, and Chrysler. And they all have one big thing in common.

What do these popular car brands have in common?

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All four of the most liked car brands are American. Each produces a few to several cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans actively sold on the market today. 

Chrysler, for one, makes only a few models. They include the Chrysler 300 sedan and the Pacifica and Voyager minivans. Ram also has only a few vehicles rolling off the production line: 1500, 2500, and 3500 pickup trucks. 

Tesla and Lincoln offer many models to choose from. According to U.S. News‘ “The 22 Best Cars From American Brands for 2021,” the Tesla Model 3 and Model S are among the most popular electric cars made in the USA. For Lincoln, it’s the Corsair and Aviator crossovers and the Navigator full-size body-on-frame SUV. 

American cars often offer better quality, affordability, fuel efficiency, and handling, HotCars reports. So there’s something to be said for buying American.

Why people love Tesla and Lincoln

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Tesla scores the highest on the Consumer Reports list with an 88 rating. The driving, comfort level, and in-car electronic categories are the strongest for Tesla, but its value drags the brand down. With some problems plaguing its EVs, Tesla has seen its share of nightmares. 

But those issues don’t seem to affect sales much. Tesla continues to perform strongly while it rolls out more all-electric vehicles such as SUVs and trucks. As it turns out, most people who buy a Tesla, regardless of the model, say they don’t regret their decision

Lincoln is a luxury car brand that rivals Lexus. It earned 79 points from CR, with its strongest areas being driveability, comfort, and cabin storage. Value is its weakest area. And its reliability falls flat with some models in the lineup, like the Nautilus. However, Lincoln produces relatively affordable vehicles that cost less to maintain, so consumers seem to like this brand. 

Why people love Ram and Chrysler

Ram produces wildly popular pickups. The brand lands in the third spot on the list with a score of 76. Like Lincoln, Ram’s strengths lie with its driving experience, comfort level, and cabin storage. However, value knocks it down. 

But that issue doesn’t seem to hurt Ram trucks’ popularity. They continue to rank among the best-selling pickups and are especially popular with younger consumers looking for affordability in a great truck. 

The fourth American car brand is Chrysler. It also earned a 76. And like Lincoln and Ram, it scored well for driving experience and comfort. Cabin storage is good, too, but it got only a 4-out-of-5 rating. Value is where this brand goes wrong. 

However, CR’s scoring doesn’t actually reflect the brand’s standing with consumers. It appears Chrysler vehicles last for years and have little cost to own

American-made is a big selling point for some car buyers. When it comes to quality, affordability, and fuel efficiency, brands such as Tesla, Lincoln, Ram, and Chrysler are less likely to cause purchase regret regardless of some reliability issues.