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Gas prices are still high, and so is the cost of used cars. Who knows when they’re coming down again? We don’t. But we do know that there are a few fuel-efficient cars in the market that you can purchase for under $10,000. It’s hard to believe, we know. But here are some of the best examples you can find in your local classified ads.

2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid – 43 mpg city/39 mpg highway

Toyota Camry Hybrid
Toyota Camry Hybrid | David Cooper/Toronto Star via Getty Images

The Toyota Camry has been one of the best-selling mid-size sedans over the past few decades. In 2012, a hybrid version was added to the lineup and returned excellent fuel efficiency figures. According to the EPA, the Camry Hybrid could get up to 43 mpg in the city and 39 mpg on the highway.

In today’s market, you may have searched far and wide for an example under $10,000, which may have many miles on the clock. However, considering the gas you’ll save, it could be worth it.

2010 Toyota Prius – 51 mpg city/48 mpg highway

Toyota Prius hybrid cars are displayed at the Toyota of Hollywood.
Toyota Prius hybrid cars are displayed at the Toyota of Hollywood. | Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Did you really think we would leave the Toyota Prius out of this list? Of course not. After all, it gets up to an EPA-estimated 51 mpg in the city and 48 mpg on the highway, which is hard to beat. Just like the Toyota Camry, you may need to settle for an older Prius with a decent amount of miles on the odometer, but the gas savings will put your mind at ease.

2010 Honda Insight – 40 mpg city/43 mpg highway

2010 Honda Insight
2010 Honda Insight | Fabrizio Costantini/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The second-generation Honda Insight, which debuted in 2010, may have looked a lot like a Toyota Prius, but it could never match its mileage. However, it was still a comfortable commuter with pleasant driving dynamics. It’s affordable, too. According to Hot Cars, “[The Insight] is one of the cheapest hybrids on the used market.” So it shouldn’t be hard to find one for under $10,000.

2005 Honda Civic Hybrid – 47 mpg city/51 mpg highway

2005 Honda Civic Hybrid
2005 Honda Civic Hybrid | Tim Boyle/Getty Images

The Honda Civic has cemented itself as being of the most economical, affordable, and reliable cars in the market. The Civic Hybrid built upon that in the early 2000s by adding hybrid assistance to the car’s engine, which netted an impressive 51 mpg on the highway. Fortunately, you can find plenty of used Civic Hybrid models for sale for under $10,000, thanks to their ubiquitous nature.

2014 Chevrolet Spark – 31 mpg city/ 39 mpg highway

Chevy Spark
Chevy Spark | Rene Johnston/ Toronto Star

The Chevrolet Spark may not get the sky-high fuel efficiency numbers like some of the other cars on this list, but it’s still impressive nonetheless. The Spark’s small 1.2-liter engine only pumps out 84 hp, but it returns nearly 40 mpg, which is the most important part. If you’re looking for a small hatchback that can fit up to four adults, the Spark could work for you. The best part is that you can find these cars for less than $10,000 in most parts of the U.S.

The cheapest and most fuel-efficient used cars

Although the price of fuel and used cars may not come down soon, there are still cheap cars to be found. You may need to search hard, and you could find one with high mileage, but you likely won’t care as you drive past multiple gas stations on your next road trip.


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