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If you are considering buying a new RV or renting one for your next vacation, RV fuel economy may be on your radar. RV rigs and motorhomes are notorious for their dismal miles per gallon averages. Here are some of the most fuel-efficient RV models for your vacation.

A converted Sprinter campervan Josh Brasted/Getty Images

If you are buying an RV, there is much to consider. It’s generally quite a large sum of money to invest. Anything that will help save money along the way is immediately appealing as a way to cut down on the yearly cost to own.

Fuel is one of the largest yearly expenses that vehicle owners have to cover each year. Even if you are renting an RV for your vacation fuel costs are something you’ll have to work into the budget. Not only do models with very low mpg averages cost more to drive, but there are also carbo emissions to think about. So finding a fuel-efficient RV model is a smart choice.

Finding the right fuel-efficient RV for you

Fuel efficiency is certainly relative when it comes to RVs, campers, trailers, and motorhomes. There are some very small camper trailers that, if this type of RV model fits the bill for your vacation needs, might be the best option for a fuel-efficient RV model. That said, finding a unit with decent RV fuel economy is really going to first come down to what type of RV gives you what you need for your vacation.

Something like a small Airstream Basecamp or Camp 365 trailer is a great way to keep your average miles per gallon up. But some travel needs require a lot more than these small trailers provide, and that will affect RV fuel economy. According to Camper Report, the fuel mileage ranges largely from massive motorhome to tiny trailer.

A Class A big rig motorhome, for example, sees an average fuel economy of about 7-13 average mpg. The Class C motorhomes, a little more compact and built on a truck chassis, get about 14-18 mpg on average. the most fuel-efficient RV models tend to come from Class B. These are the campers and they typically see an average of about 18-25 mpg.

Factors to consider

If you are thinking about buying an RV or renting one for your next vacation, there are so many factors to consider. In fact, fuel economy is just one of a long list. And on top of that, fuel economy has its own subset of things to think about.

a truck towing a trailer RV camper toward the mountains
Towing an RV | KOA

When it comes to RV fuel economy, the size of a rig will always affect the fuel mileage. If you are towing a trailer RV, then the truck you are pulling it with will play a deciding role in fuel economy. Furthermore, whether a rig is powered by diesel or gasoline has an impact.

The most fuel-efficient RV models

Small, light trailers towed by a vehicle that both easily handles the weight and has good RV fuel economy are some of the most fuel-efficient RV models. In addition, the Class B camper van rigs are among those with the best average mpg. But there’s not really a black and white answer.

a metris weekender camper RV parked in the grass
Mercedes-Benz Metris Weekender camper van | Mercedes-Benz

The most fuel-efficient RV models for one family’s needs will be different than the most fuel-efficient options for a different household. If you want an RV for your vacation, buy or rent a model that fits all of your needs. Once you decide what kind of RV is right for your household, then you can find out which models in that category get the best RV fuel economy.


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