Most Fuel-Efficient Midsize SUVs According to Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports has a pretty extensive list of fuel-efficient midsize and large SUVs. As the world looks toward an electric future, many of these vehicles have an overall MPG or MPGe listed, the miles-per-gallon equivalent. Some of these options might not be brand-new but are still available and more fuel-efficient than the newest iteration of the sport utility vehicle.

The Tesla Model X 100D topped Consumer Reports’ fuel-efficient midsize SUV list

The most fuel-efficient midsize SUVs, according to Consumer Reports
The Tesla Model X 100D electric SUV on display | Tesla

Since it hit the market, the Tesla Model X 100D has been a pretty solid midsize SUV. Consumer Reports gave the Model X 100 D the number one spot on its list of most fuel-efficient midsize and large SUVs. The 2022 Model X scored well on the road test and the predicted owner satisfaction but didn’t impress with the predicted reliability. Overall, most people want a Tesla for the brand name and not the reliability anyway. With 87 MPGe, the Model X 100D won’t have you stopping to charge too often unless you have a long commute every day.

CR overall MPGe: 87

Price: $114,990 – $138,990

The Jaguar I-Pace HSE is a luxury fuel-efficient midsize SUV option


In the second place, the 2022 Jaguar I-Pace racked up 76 mpg overall. Consumer Reports calls it a luxury midsize SUV with an EPA-estimated range of 234 miles. The I-Pace HSE trim earned the “green choice” and “recommended” labels from Consumer Reports along with its 76 MPGe. The Jaguar SUV scored well on the road test and the predicted owner satisfaction categories but wasn’t the most reliable option out there.

CR overall MPGe: 76

Price: $69,900

Still in a luxury class, the Audi E-Tron Premium Plus is a fuel-efficient sport utility vehicle

The Audi E-Tron Premium Plus is an electric luxury midsized SUV that scored well on the Consumer Reports road test. With 74 MPGe, the Audi e-tron is Premium Plus as promised. This midsize SUV scored well on the road test, plus Audi equipped it with various driver and safety assistance features.

CR overall MPGe: 74

Price: $52,700 – $87,400

Looking for reliability? The Toyota Venza XLE is a fuel-efficient option

The Toyota Venza XLE managed to get 37 mpg overall from Consumer Reports. The Toyota brand usually doesn’t miss when it comes to reliable and fuel-efficient SUVs, and the Venza XLE trim is no miss. This sport utility vehicle has a comfortable ride and scored well on the road test. The predicted reliability score was far above-average, as was the predicted owner satisfaction. Plus, plenty of safety and driver assistance features.

CR overall MPG: 37

Price: $33,240 – $40,730

Another reliable SUV option is the Toyota Highlander Hybrid XLE

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid XLE has a lot of the same attributes as the Venza. The Highlander hybrid is a bit bigger as it is a midsize SUV with three rows. Consumer Reports gave it the recommended tag and high scores on the road test, reliability, and owner satisfaction scores. That means that the Highlander sport utility vehicle checks all of the boxes: fuel-efficient, reliable, and roomy.

CR overall MPG: 35

Price: $35,855 – $51,460

A more budget-friendly fuel-efficient midsize SUV option is the Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid SEL Premium


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Those looking for a more budget-friendly option might want to look at the Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid SEL Premium. It might be harder to locate the Hybrid SEL Premium in this economy, but it is worth the look. Consumer Reports gave the Hyundai Santa Fe fairly average scores on most of its tests, but it does have 30 mpg combined to offer buyers. Some of the highs include handling, braking, and a lot of interior room.

CR overall MPG: 30

Price: $27,200 – $46,010

These options are the best fuel-efficient midsize SUVs that are available right now. While gas is at a high and people are returning to the office, having a fuel-efficient sport utility vehicle is important. Finding a reliable midsize SUV might also be a priority, which is where some of the Toyota options might pull ahead. Either way, Consumer Reports has some good electric and gasoline options for buyers in 2022.