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Subaru has a reputation for producing reliable and comfortable SUVs. It isn’t the most popular brand on the market, but it does have a loyal following and plenty of fans. However, these are some of the most complained about Subaru SUVs over the last few years. It should be easy enough to skip the years mentioned below for a more reliable sport utility vehicle from the brand.

The 2015 Outback is the most complained about Subaru SUV

The most complained about Subaru SUVs include this Subaru Outback on display
A 2015 Subaru Outback | Matthew Lloyd/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Car Complaints has a long list of vehicles with complaints, and the 2015 Subaru Outback landed at the top of the pile. It has racked up 715 complaints from drivers, many of which are related to electrical issues and problems with the windows or windshield. It isn’t unusual for an SUV to have problems, but Subaru tends to have fewer issues than some of its competitors.

Many drivers complain that the battery died prematurely or wouldn’t hold a charge properly in the 2015 Outback. Some report that it has happened more than once and needs replacement much sooner than anticipated. While a $200 battery isn’t the worst issue to have, it shouldn’t be happening too often. This can cause the Outback to be undrivable as the engine won’t turn over.

Complaints against the windshield come from drivers reporting that it cracks easily. There is a recall for the windshield cracking easily, but some drivers have to pay up to $500 when it happens more than once. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has five recalls open for this version, including the transmission oil leak causing a fire.

The most complained about Subaru SUVs include the 2014 Forester

Drivers of the 2014 Forester have reported many issues with the engine and problems with the oil. High oil consumption is the number one complaint from drivers, noting that some were burning a quart of oil every 1,000 miles. Subaru says that is within standard guidelines, but some are filling up on oil sometimes as often as four times in between 5,000-mile oil changes. Drivers report that the engine has died while driving, some experienced a sudden power surge, and the check engine light is known to illuminate.

Beyond that, there seems to be an issue with the suspension of the 2014 Subaru Forester SUV. Broken coil springs, shaking at highway speeds, and other suspension issues are common. Replacing the springs and struts can cost around $1,000, but it can help with the rough ride.

Transmission issues seem to be common, with rough movements and just a generally bad ride reported by man. Some even said the Subaru SUV would roll away while parked. Overall, the 2014 Forester is one of the most complained about Subaru SUVs in modern times.

Skip the 2019 Ascent if you need a reliable option

Even though the 2019 Subaru Ascent is only a few years old, it has racked up more than 500 complaints in those few short years. Electrical problems seem to plague the 2019 Ascent, with most of the issues falling in that category. Owners report that there is a light sensor in the cargo area that doesn’t always turn off, which drains the battery. That means the Ascent left some drivers stranded. The battery seemed to lead to other problems like the 2019 Ascent not starting or drivers having issues with the doors unlocking.

There are eight recalls for the 2019 Subaru Ascent by the NHTSA already, which could fix some of the issues. One relates to the incorrect measurement of hydraulic fluid pressure, another addresses the fuel pump, and the most recent recall relates to a melting ground terminal that could start a fire.

These are the most complained about Subaru SUVs in the last decade or so, which is still a good sign for the brand. Reliability is more important than ever for buyers, so having a large selection of reliable new and used vehicles is always better. Skip these years of the Outback, Forester, and Ascent, and you should be cruising along without issue.


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