Most Complained About Mercedes-Benz SUVs

The SUV and crossover market is booming. Luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz offer lineups of these popular models. From the off-road-ready Mercedes-Benz G-Class that starts in the six-figure price range to the wagon-esque GLA that starts affordably under $40,000. There is a Mercedes crossover or SUV for everyone. However, not every consumer experience is perfect. These are the most complained about Mercedes-Benz SUVs.

The Mercedes-Benz ML320

This crossover has seen large popularity. On, the Mercedes-Benz ML320 crossover SUV has 47 complaints filed. This model was a staple for the M-Class. Ultimately, the Mercedes-Benz phased out the M-Class, and it became the Mercedes GLE-Class.

The Mercedes-Benz ML320 is the second most complained about Mercedes-Benz SUV. The worst model year is the 2001 ML320, so it’s pretty far back. This model has reported complaints for electrical problems. Additionally, the 2001 model year for the Mercedes-Benz ML320 claims the most-reported problem––locking brakes.

The model year with the most complaints, however, is a different year. Though it still may feel irrelevant due to its age. In terms of most complaints overall, the 2002 model year ML320 acquired the most complaints of all the model years overall.

Worst problems

The worst Mercedes-Benz ML320 problems are posted with the worst issue being a problem with locking brakes on the 2001 model. This problem occurs at 102,000 miles. After that, the second worst problem is an annoying check engine light in the 1999 model year at 96,000. The third worst problem overall is with dash brake lights occurring at 117,000 on the 2002 model year.

ML320 1999 model year press photo in a scenic desert landscape
1999 Mercede-Benz ML320 | Mercedes

The Mercedes-Benz ML350

This is another member of the older M-Class. The ML350, along with the ML320, is a Mercedes-Benz SUV that’s no longer in production. Yet, it still gets attention as a used car option due to its model years reaching into recent territory. In fact, these models can actually be very affordable. However, the Mercedes-Benz ML350 is the most complained about Mercedes-Benz SUV.

This Mercedes earned 54 complaints overall on The worst model year for the Mercedes-Benz ML350 crossover SUV is 2014. This model has many complaints filed about engine problems.

For the ML350 Mercedes-Benz SUV, the model year with the most complaints is 2006. Then the most-reported problem is about the 2006 model year, as well. The 2006 has a common complaint about the check engine light staying on.

Mercedes-Benz ML350 rear view silver crossover SUV
Mercedes-Benz ML350 | Mercedes-Benz

Worst problems

In terms of worst problems for the Mercedes-Benz ML350, there are three top problems posted. The worst problem is with the 2014 model year ML350 shutting down while driving. Apparently, this issue typically starts around just 19,000. The next worst-rated problem is for a faulty check engine light at 112,000 mile mark for the 2007 model year. After that comes issues with the 2013 model year ML350 about an oil cooler leak at the 49,000-mile mark.

ML350 driving on sand dunes in the desert
Mercedes-Benz ML350 | Mercedes-Benz

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Most complained about Mercedes SUVs

So, the Mercedes-Benz ML320 and the ML350 crossover SUVs are the two most complained about Mercedes SUVs. These two models are and were still good, capable luxury SUVs. However, it’s always good to know where things stand when you are shopping for a used car.