The Most Complained About Luxury SUVs

If you are shopping for a new or used luxury SUV, the data filed on can really dial in your search. In fact, it might turn out you are considering one of the most complained about luxury SUVs without even knowing it. Let’s check out what owners have to say about the following luxury SUV models and the common complaints that owners have had.

A dark blue 2021 Buick Enclave luxurious midsize SUV driving down a highway road
The 2021 Enclave in action | Buick

We are going to do a rundown of the most complained about luxury SUVs according to consumer data on We list the vehicles from least to most complaints. So, let’s see how things look in the luxury segment. Keep in mind that some of these are older models, so that’s part of why they’ve accumulated so many complaints. Still, this info may prove incredibly valuable for most luxury SUV shoppers.

The Acura MDX

The Acura MDX is a very popular Acura model. It boasts a roomy interior and a strong V6 powertrain. However, it is also one of the most complained about luxury SUVs. So far, 314 complaints have been filed for this model.

The 2022 Acura MDX driving through a city
2022 Acura MDX | Acura

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According to, the Acura MDX suffers from a few common problems. If you are shopping for either a new or used luxury SUV and the MDX is on your shortlist, it never hurts to be informed. The 2014 model has the most complaints. However, the 2010 model is posted as the worst one, with a large number of complaints about the transmission. The most common problem with the Acura MDX is excessive oil consumption.

The Buick Rendezvous

This is a Buick crossover SUV model that was discontinued in 2007. However, in its short five-year run it racked up 367 Complaints on It’s definitely one of the most complained about luxury SUVs.

A Buick Rendezvous on display in the grass
The Buick Rendezvous | Getty Images

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In fact, its worst model is the 2002 model year. This Buick model suffered from some frustrating engine problems. No one wants to deal with a leaking intake manifold gasket.

The Cadillac SRX

This is another of the most complained about luxury SUVs that’s been discontinued. Except this one stopped production with the 2016 model year. So there are still plenty of them out in circulation on the used market.

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The Cadillac SRX has 421 complaints filed on The 2010 model year is posted as the worst of the SRX. It has the most complaints overall as well as the most commonly reported issue of water in the lights leading to problems with Cadillac SRX lights.

The Buick Enclave

The Buick Enclave is the most complained about luxury SUV. If you are looking for a good new or used luxury SUV, this might be notable for your research as this model is still in production.

Rest assured, however, that the most complained about model is the 2008 Buick Enclave. Newer models seem to be holding up a little better. The 2008 Enclave struggles with transmission problems. The most commonly reported issue is for transmission failure which isn’t a history you want from a new or used car purchase.

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The most complained about luxury SUVs

These luxury SUVs have the most complaints on This list is meant to help readers as they dig into research during their car shopping endeavors. It doesn’t necessarily mean that all of these are models to avoid. That said, this type of data can still inform buying decisions.