Most Complained About Cargo Vans

Cargo vans are great for a long list of purposes. They make great work trucks as well as perfect platforms for camper van conversions. Additionally, cargo vans in their passenger form are excellent people movers for large groups or extra-large families. However, not ever cargo van is created equal. Consumers have submitted their qualms on Of all the utility vans on the platform, these are the most complained about cargo vans.

The Chevrolet Express

This large van came both as a passenger van and a cargo van. It served its purpose in both guises. It is also third on this compilation of the most complained about cargo vans. The Chevy Express has 74 complaints on file with The primary issue with this vans is engine problems.

The worst model year for the Chevrolet Express cargo van is 1999. Not only do have these vans been around a while, but the data for older models remain relevant due to the fact that they still change hands––especially as work vans. The 1999 model year, however, also accumulated the most complaints overall. Additionally, the most reported issue with the Chevy Express is about fuel pump failure in the 1999 model year.

Chevrolet Express cargo van
Chevrolet Express cargo van | Chevrolet

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The worst problem for the Chevrolet Express cargo van is the van starting and then dying. This occurs in the 1999 model year and costs around $3,000 to fix. It’s notable also that this van has been in production for over 30 years. Due to its mass production and wide availability, it’s had more opportunity for failure. Still, if you are looking at older used models of the Chevy Express for a camper van conversion or something, the 1999 model year is probably wise to steer clear of.

The Chevrolet Astro

According to the Chevrolet Astro Wikipedia page, the Chevy Astro continued production from 1985 to 2005. During those 20 years, it made a name for itself as a passenger van. Today, the older models in good condition are practically collector’s items and they’re also popular for things like a camper van conversion. However, it’s second on the list of most complained about cargo vans.

The Chevy Astro van can also go to use as a light work truck type vehicle. But this older van model has 77 complaints posted on The older model year 1997 is the worst Chevy Astro. It deals with engine problems. Additionally, the model year with the most complaints in total is 2000. The most-reported problem is about the 1999 model year riding roughly and misfiring.

A Chevy Astro van in a parking lot
The Chevy Astro Van | Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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The worst problem overall is transmission failure for the 1997 model. The issue can cost around $2,000 for repair. It’s likely wise to avoid a model year this aged unless you are looking for a big project.

The Ford Transit Connect

This is a smaller model of cargo van, but a useful and well-loved one. At least, this van is a great smaller utility van for city work of hauling and delivery services, etc. Although it may be a little small for a camper van conversion, it’s probably been done. Still, it’s at the top of the list for the most complained about cargo vans.

The front of a white Ford Transit Connect cargo van
Ford Transit Connect cargo van | Ford Motor Company

On, there are 89 complaints in total for the Ford Transit Connect cargo van. The worst model overall is the year 2012. This Ford Transit Connect has transmission problems.

The Ford Transit Connect with the most problems is also the 2012 model year. Plus, the 2012 year claims the most reported problem of transmission failure. It’s probably safe to say you’re better off avoiding the 2012 Ford Transit Connect. Still, it’s an amiable little work truck or passenger wagon both new or used.