The Most Complained About BMW Cars

Known for luxury and performance, this is a favorite brand for consumers looking outside of the mainstream market. A quick look at the BMW cars overview on shows us that this brand isn’t complained about very much. In general, people are happy with their BMW models. Still, there are some issues and these are the most complained about BMW cars.

The BMW 3 Series is a best-seller from this German luxury brand. So, it’s no surprise that all three of the most complained about BMW cars come from that 3 Series lineup. Still, this information may prove helpful. Even if the complaints are relatively few, this data may still reveal some insight.

BMW 330

This data is for older BMW 330 models produced up until 2006. There are 58 complaints overall filed on for the BMW 330. This offering of the BMW lineup is third on our list of the most complained about BMW cars.

2002 BMW 3-Series
2002 BMW 3-Series | BMW

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The 2006 vintage is posted as the worst model year. Apparently, some consumers complained about engine problems for the 2006 BMW 3 Series 330 car. However, the 2002 model year is the one with the most complaints in total. The 2002 model year also claims the most-reported problem. The 2002 330 dealt with the problem of window trim falling away from the body.

BMW 328

There are complaints filed for the BMW 3 Series 328 model from the year 1995 all the way up to 2016. Still, there are only 75 complaints overall filed on While the complaints are considered few, this model is still second on the list for the most complained about BMW cars.

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The worst model year for the BMW 3 Series 328 is the year 2000. This model year also experienced engine problems. The 2007 model year, however, takes the title for the model with the most complaints overall. Additionally, the 2007 model year 328 is the BMW car with the most-reported problem. Consumers complain about electric water pump failure.

BMW 325

The data on shows complaints for the BMW 325 between the model years of 1986 and 2006. This model of BMW car barely squeezes out the 328 with 76 complaints overall. That means this model is first on the list of most complained about BMW cars.

a blue 3 Series at speed on a scenic mountain road.
2019 BMW 3 Series | BMW

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The worst model year for the BMW 3 Series 325 car is 2003. This model year had engine problems as well. The 2003 model year is also this car in the BMW 3 Series with the most complaints filed. However, the most-reported problem for the BMW 3 Series 325 is about a faulty or locking steering wheel.

BMW 3 Series complaints

If you look at the data, the number of complaints really isn’t worrisome. However, it never hurts to stay well informed. Some of the older models on this list are in collector car territory. Plus, buying an older luxury car can be a great way to get great performance for pennies on the dollar compared with new models.

BMW, like this 3 Series driving on a scenic road, is among brands that are leased the most
BMW 3 Series | BMW

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Research is important. According to the complaints filed in order to compile the data for this list, there may not be much to worry about in terms of buying a new or used BMW car. In fact, it’s pretty helpful to know that of all the most complained about BMW cars the list-topper didn’t even breach 80 complaints overall.