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The Ram 1500 is one of the most reliable pickup trucks you can choose to buy–according to problems reported by hundreds of actual truck owners. But that means that this half-ton truck isn’t without its share of issues. The most common problem reported by owners is broken exhaust manifold bolts. This is a serious issue that will likely cost hundreds of dollars to fix.

Is the Ram 1500 a reliable truck?

As trucks go, the Ram 1500 is one of the most problem-free. The RepairPal website compiles owner complaints on various makes and models. After listening to countless owners, the site named the Ram 1500 the highest-rated full-size truck for reliability.

White Ram 1500 pickup truck parked in a garage because of common engine problems.
2019 Ram 1500 Classic | Paul Kansonkho via Unsplash

My colleague Nathaniel Ehinger reported on the most reliable full-size truck and found that RepairPal collected data on 17 different trucks. The site factors in not just how often a truck needs to be repaired, but the cost of the repair, and the severity of the issue.

The average Ram 1500 requires $691 of unscheduled maintenance every year. That’s down from the $936 in surprise bills for the average full-size pickup truck.

What problems do Dodge Ram 1500s have?

The most common problem Ram 1500 owners shared with RepairPal was broken exhaust manifold bolts. In total, 331 Ram 1500 owners reported this issue. RepairPal figured that the average cost of exhaust manifold bolt repair is $259-$316.

Promo photo of a Ram 1500 pickup truck skidding across snow-covered ground, trees visible in the background.
2018 Ram 1500 Rebel | Stellantis

That’s not the only problem owners reported to RepairPal: 290 Ram 1500 drivers said their rear window seal was faulty and water leaked in. Worse yet, 231 owners reported expensive coolant leaks. You can get the window seal repaired for $88 through $111. But a coolant leak could make your engine overheat and cost you $664-$725. Yikes!

The CarComplaints website also compiles problems owners have with the Ram 1500. The website recorded 11 complaints of the 2016 Ram 1500 jumping when it came to a stop, one of these owners even had to replace the transmission. A total of 26 owners reported that the optional air suspension on their 2014 Ram 1500 does not work properly. Finally, 24 owners of a Ram 1500 reported their power steering failing, 10 of these owners had to replace the steering rack while one got away with just replacing the alternator.

Is the Ram 5.7 reliable?

Chrysler corporation began building the Ram’s 5.7-liter Hemi V8 in 2004. With so much time to work out issues, it has become a more reliable engine than many other options.

5.7-liter Crate HEMI V8 | Stellantis

In fact, that number one issue RepairPal reported with the Ram 1500–broken exhaust manifold bolts–does not appear to affect the 5.7-liter V8. Owners have reported this problem only on the 3.7-liter V6 and the old 4.7-liter V8. This problem affects Rams from the 1995 through 2010 exclusively.

So if you are looking for a reliable Ram 1500, know that the 5.7-liter Hemi V8 does not suffer from the worst owner-reported issue in Ram 1500 history. That said, the issue has also not been reported with Ram’s current V6, the 3.6-liter “Pentastar” engine. So both of the Ram 1500’s current engine options are reliable choices, according to RepairPal. Will the new turbocharged I6 Hurrican engine destined for the Ram be as reliable? We’ll just have to wait and find out.

Find out what’s the cheapest new Ram truck with a V8 engine, or see more Ram 1500 problems in the video below: