Most Comfortable Compact Hybrids According to Consumer Reports

Once upon a time, many drivers maintained the idea of a hybrid car as a compact, minimal vehicle that didn’t have much to offer. While that may have applied to the earliest hybrids to hit the consumer market, a lot has changed since then. With new technology and new designs, hybrids are some of the most practical cars on the road. We no longer need to be concerned with space, comfort, or even style, because even compact hybrids are as good as regular cars — maybe even better.

No surprises here

The Toyota Prius is usually what people picture when it comes to compact hybrids. With years of redesigns, the Prius has improved incredibly with time. While many drivers may have hated the original years of the Prius, even if it was for nothing more than the principle of the car, the newer models are surprisingly good. The elongated roofline gives the Toyota Prius a fair amount of cargo space. Still, it also maximizes the headroom in the back seats, making it a comfortable and spacious option for such a small vehicle.

Toyota Prius + mpv stationwagon on display at Brussels Expo
The Toyota Prius | Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

Some Insight into other choices

Regardless of years of redesign, some people will still veer away from Toyota Prius. Not to fear, because other compact hybrids offer just as much comfort. No one seems to be talking about the Honda Insight, even with all of the new safety features and modern designs it has gotten in the past few years. The Insight gives the Honda brand a breath of fresh air as a hybrid sedan, and it fits perfectly into their already established lineup of cars.

Like most other Honda cars, the Insight is sporty yet modest, and it has all of the familiarity of the brand that people recognize, with the added twist of being a hybrid. The front seats are comfortable and roomy, and the backseats aren’t lacking in space. Even better, you can fit a reasonable amount of cargo into the trunk, too. It’s the Honda reliability wrapped into a vehicle that gets even better fuel economy.

Honda Insight Prototype is on display at the 110th Annual Chicago Auto Show
The Honda Insight | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

The already popular choice, with a hybrid drivetrain

Then, of course, Toyota had to swoop in and do the inevitable. The Toyota Corolla has been a crowd favorite for years. Drivers love the car for its sporty appearances, low cost, and all of the safety features and tech that the vehicle has to offer. For many model years, customers could feel comfortable driving their Corollas for a long-distance drive or spending hours stuck in traffic on their daily commute without complaint. It makes sense that the hybrid version of the car is just as comfortable and spacious as well.

Toyota Corolla GR Sport Hybrid is displayed during the first press day at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show
The Toyota Corolla | Robert Hradil/Getty Images

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Buying a new hybrid doesn’t have to mean trading in comfort for a compact driving experience. These hybrids have everything you are looking for, from reliability to space, without having to jump to a much larger vehicle. According to Consumer Reports, these are the best bang for your buck when it comes to buying a compact hybrid.