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Everyone loves a good monster truck, such as the iconic Grave Digger, performing insane stunts. But how about a 1967 monster hearse with two extra wheels? Meet Mortis, an incredible feat of monster truck engineering built because… why not?

Mortis The 6x6 Monster Truck Hearse
Mortis The 6×6 Monster Truck Hearse | Adam Gray / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

The specs and stats of Mortis the monster hearse

What started as a 1967 Cadillac Superior hearse ended up being a conglomeration of a school bus, tractor, and diesel engines (the Ghostbusters aren’t the only ones modifying Cadillac hearses). Jimmy Driver, the man behind the machine, even touts that many of the parts were stolen off of other pieces of junk. In other words, Mortis is far from stock.

The biggest change to the hearse itself (minus the fact that it’s a monster truck now) is the engine powering it. Fitted with a V6 53 Detroit Diesel engine, commonly used in semi-trucks, that makes anywhere from 215 or 400 horsepower depending on how it’s tuned. But the engine’s main strength is torque, using at 856 lb-ft of it to lug this monster truck around.

Mortis weighs in at over 20,000 lbs. Paired to the Detroit Diesel engine, that gives it a top speed of 12 miles per hour. In short, it’s not fast, but Mortis was never built to be a speed machine.

Mortis was built to partake in mud-bogging competitions

If you’re curious as to what mud-bogging is, Jimmy Driver does a decent job of explaining it. “A bunch of rednecks getting around a mud puddle and stirring it up with their four-wheel drives.” Only Mortis is a six-wheel drive, which certainly gave it a tactical edge against any competition.

Mortis might only go 12 mph, but Mortis can go 12 mph literally anywhere. The mud, rocks, trees, and snow of Naples Idaho is no match for this monster truck. And the tires certainly aid Mortis’ ability to go anywhere. With 23 inch tires on 26-inch rims making up the back four wheels and 17-inch tires on a 34-inch rim for the front two, Mortis stands an intimidating 10 feet tall.

Though Jimmy Driver didn’t build Mortis on his own, with plenty of help from his friends and wife to turn a $600 Cadillac hearse into a monster truck. But after sinking almost $15,000 into the project, Jimmy explains that he’d likely never give it up.

Unfortunately for anyone who wants this monster truck, Mortis will never be for sale

Jimmy Driver and Mortis The 6x6 Monster Truck Hearse
Jimmy Driver With Mortis, The Monster Hearse | Adam Gray / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Is Grave Digger the 1st Monster Truck?

Jimmy Driver is a master mechanic who worked on cars with his dad from a very early age. In other words, anything he builds has some serious sentimental value, and Mortis is no exception. This monster truck provides an ear-shattering experience for anyone lucky enough to get a ride (literally, as you have to wear earmuffs to even sit in the thing). And that’s an experience Jimmy wants to pass on to his kids, rather than sell to the highest bidder.

That said, he’s also well aware that the Mortis isn’t worth that much. It’s slow, it’s impractical, and it’s far from street legal. The parts in it were mostly junk too. And while I’m sure it’d fetch a ludicrous price and Bring a Trailer, Jimmy claims the monster truck is probably worth about $500.

But that doesn’t matter. It’s a piece of family history, it’s a fun toy, and it’s just plain cool. So Jimmy will continue to muck about in his 6×6 monster hearse. And the folks in Naples Idaho who can experience this beast can stare in awe, or gawk in confusion, at this amazing creation.