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To paraphrase an old automotive chestnut, in the end, there’ll be maybe three car companies left…and Morgan. The British brand’s cars don’t look like any modern vehicle; and in the 3-Wheeler’s case, they’re not always legally cars. Sadly, environmental regulations meant Morgan had to cancel the V-twin-powered 3-Wheeler. But after months of spy shots and rumors, the runabout is back with a new look and name: Morgan Super 3.

The Morgan Super 3 keeps the 3-Wheeler charm but adds Aero flair

A dark-green 2022 Morgan Super 3 on a winter road
2022 Morgan Super 3 | Morgan

Despite popular claims to the contrary, modern Morgans don’t have wooden chassis. However, the company still uses handmade ash-wood frames to support the body panels. That was the case on the outgoing 3-Wheeler, and it’s still the case on the off-road-ready Plus Four CX-T. But that’s true of the new Super 3.

Not only does the Morgan Super 3 not have any kind of wooden frame, but it’s also not a ‘traditional’ body-on-frame vehicle. This is Morgan’s first-ever monocoque, aka ‘unibody’ design, and its first clean-sheet design since the Aero 8. And speaking of the Aero 8, Morgan makes the Super 3 out of superformed aluminum in a similar way, Road & Track explains. As a result, the Super 3 is stiffer and stronger than the old 3-Wheeler.

It’s also longer and wider than the 3-Wheeler, which means it’s slightly heavier. However, those extra inches bring extra space, functionality, and features. And they’re necessary to accommodate the Super 3’s new heart.

This three-wheeled motorcycle packs a bigger Ford-powered punch

2022 Morgan Super 32012-2021 Morgan 3-Wheeler
Engine1.5-liter liquid-cooled Ford three-cylinder2.0-liter air-cooled S&S V-twin
Horsepower118 bhpEuro3: 82 bhp
Euro4: 68 bhp
Torque110 lb-ftEuro3: 103 lb-ft
Euro4: 95 lb-ft
Dry weight1400 lbsEuro3: 1157 lbs
Euro4: 1290 lbs
0-62 mph time7 secondsEuro3: 6 seconds
Euro4: 7 seconds
Top speed130 mph115 mph

As noted earlier, emissions regulations meant Morgan couldn’t keep the V-twin-powered 3-Wheeler in production. But while the Super 3 is classified as a motorcycle in some states/countries, it doesn’t use a motorcycle engine. Instead, it has a Ford-supplied three-cylinder car engine with an OBD-II connector and an emissions checkmark for at least a decade.

After the first Super 3 spy shots went live, there was some speculation over which Ford engine Morgan would use. On its website, Morgan claims it’s the Dragon EcoBoost, the same one the Euro-spec Fiesta ST uses, albeit without a turbocharger. However, based on information from Ford Authority, I suspect it might be the 1.5-liter Duratec from the India-spec Ford EcoBoost.

Regardless, the new engine is longer than the V-twin, hence the Super 3’s extra length. Yet because it’s behind the front axle, the new Morgan is technically a mid-engine car.

Also, because the Ford engine is liquid-cooled, the Super 3 needs radiators. Hence why it’s wider than the 3-Wheeler: the extra width helps accommodate the twin side-mounted radiators. And as a side benefit, you can mount luggage to them, R&T notes. Plus, it should prevent the endemic shoulder-rubbing that occupants faced in the outgoing 3-Wheeler.

The Morgan Super 3 is more luxurious, but still wonderfully simple

The accessorized tan-and-black cabin of a 2022 Morgan Super 3
2022 Morgan Super 3 cabin with accessories | Morgan

Speaking of luggage, the Morgan Super 3 has a few more welcome touring-focused luxuries. It has a patented mounting system that accommodates everything from cargo to GoPros, R&T reports, as well as an optional bigger rear luggage rack. Other options include a footwell heater, hidden lockable storage box, Beeline Moto GPS, phone holders, bungee cords, and twin USB outlets. And for the first time, there’s a cupholder.

Some things, though, haven’t changed. Although the turbofan wheels and tires are new, the Morgan Super 3 still lacks ABS, traction control, power steering, and airbags. It still has a rear drum, too. And, as before, it only comes with a five-speed Mazda Miata manual. Those new wheels and tires do decrease the turning radius, though. Also, while the seats don’t adjust, the pedals and steering wheel do.

In addition, if you are touring in your Morgan Super 3 and run into foul weather, there’s no need to worry. Regardless of the upholstery—vinyl, leather, technical fabric—the cabin is IP65-rated waterproof, including the switchgear. Plus, if you need some extra light, LED headlights and footwell lights are available.

How much will the Morgan Super 3 cost in the US?

Firstly, yes, the Morgan Super 3 is coming to the US. As of this writing, there’s no official release date, but Morgan claims the first ones should arrive before year’s end. And the order books are already open.

Morgan also says the Super 3 will be cheaper than the outgoing 3-Wheeler, though again, official pricing isn’t yet available. In the UK, the Super 3 starts at roughly the equivalent of $56,000. And as with the 3-Wheeler, buyers can customize practically everything on the Super 3, from the dashboard wood to the radiator side-blade colors.

So, who’s ready to fly?

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