More Hidden Features of the 2019 Ford F150

The Ford F150 has a lot of useful hidden features that make the truck that much better. A hidden key cubby for a fob with a dead battery and being able to customize the door code are just a few, but the F150 has more surprises in store.

No BlueTooth radio for a tailgate?

If you’re fond of football games and tailgate or spending time camping with your truck nearby, you may have found yourself leaving the truck on just to have some music playing. Almost all of us are guilty of leaving our car on to listen to the radio at some point in time, even if it’s just while we clean out the car. With the F150 you can turn your radio on without turning the car on or the engine on. In fact, you don’t even need the key fob to be in the car for this trick. Simply pressing and holding the power button on the radio will turn the radio back on and you can use it as your own BlueTooth speaker with the truck’s speakers.

Hidden tools

Owners of older years of the Ford F150 may be confused or concerned when they can’t find the truck’s emergency tool kit in its usual spot. In previous generations, the tool kit has been located underneath the driver’s side back seat. In the 2019 and new F150 models, the tool kit is behind the passenger’s side back seat. It can be accessed relatively easily, all you have to do is fold the seat forward to reveal the kit. The tool kit consists of a jack to lift the truck if you need to replace a flat tire, and a fuel filler nozzle in case you run out of gas before you can make it to a gas station.

The Ford F-150 being unveiled at the North American International Auto Show
The Ford F-150 | GEOFF ROBINS/AFP via Getty Images)

F150 memory seating

If you have higher models of the F150 that have programmable memory seating, you probably think you are fully aware of how to use and enjoy the feature. It seems simple enough, all you have to do is adjust the driver seat as you want it and save the setting. But there is one convenient feature you probably didn’t know about. You can tell the F150 which memory setting to switch to before you even get into the truck using the key fob. You can get the key fob to recognize the memory settings, all you have to do is press the unlock button once again after the car has been unlocked.

If there are multiple seating arrangements programmed, you can cycle through by pressing the unlock button multiple times. This also adjusts the mirrors to the programmed placement. To get your key fob to recognize your settings set your memory as you would by adjusting the seat, steering wheel, and mirrors and holding your corresponding “memory” number on the door. There will be a series of clicks, and then all you need to do is press the lock button on your fob immediately after hearing the clicks.

The Ford F150 has so many great features it’s hard to believe most owners don’t even know about them. Companies like Tesla may have cool updates that allow you to play Atari games on the infotainment screen, but the F150 has some genuinely practical hidden features that you’re pretty likely to find yourself using.