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Ultimate, fast, and rare is how you’d describe the Mopar ‘22 Dodge Durango. Maybe not as fast as a Durango Hellcat, but more well-rounded. And cheaper. Plus, Dodge doesn’t make Durango Hellcat anymore. With only 250 Mopar ’22 Durangos to be built, you’ll have to seek out a Dodge dealer soon for a chance to get one.

What makes the Mopar ’22 Durango so special?

Mopar '22 Durango
Dodge Mopar ’22 Durango | Stellantis

Power for the Mopar ‘22 Durango comes from the 5.7-liter Hemi V8. Again, not like a Hellcat, but 360 hp of Hemi goodness ain’t bad. It’s good for 145 mph. The Hemi spins an eight-speed TorqueFlite automatic transmission. As all Mopar Durangos come with the Tow N Go package, so it has a towing capacity of 8,700 lbs. An SRT performance exhaust system is also part of the deal.

Besides Tow N Go, there is all-wheel drive and the Plus Group options, too. Drive modes include Track, Sport, Snow, and Tow. Other SRT goodies include active noise cancellation, active damping suspension, and an electronic limited-slip differential. 

Exclusive details for the interior include a Mopar ‘22 badge for the gauge cluster. It shows the build number. Leather and suede seats feature embroidered two-tone Mopar logos, Mopar blue stitching on the seats, center console, doors, and instrument panel. Also included are Mopar pedals and floor mats. 

The Mopar ’22 Durango gets more than just some SRT goodies

Mopar '22 Durango
Dodge Mopar ’22 Durango | Stellantis

Outside, the Mopar ‘22 rides on Lights Out 20-inch wheels and Pirelli tires. Enhancing the tire/wheel combo is a one-inch lowering kit by Mopar. It’s available in either DB Black or White Knuckle paint. A Mopar Blue stripe identifies what it is running from the front to the back. Also, a Mopar grille gets the Mopar Blue treatment as does the Brembo brake calipers. 

Mopar ‘22 owners receive a kit that is stocked with a personalized metal certificate of authenticity that includes a vehicle build number. They also receive a Mopar Design team rendering of their truck. 

Only select Dodge dealerships will get a chance to snag a Mopar ‘22. They’ll hit the showrooms next summer. Dodge is parsing out the limited edition Durango to 200 US and 50 Canadian markets. The package adds an additional $3,995 to an already loaded 2022 Durango. 

This Durango, the last year it will be made, is the top model

Mopar '22 Durango
Dodge Mopar ’22 Durango | Stellantis

With the Durango Hellcat ending production this year, the Mopar ‘22 is the top dog. And 2022 will be the Durango’s last year of production as it gears up for a gang of electric models starting in 2023. It is hoped that a Durango replacement will also appear either then or in 2024. As SUVs are hot, we expect Dodge to be actively developing some kind of replacement. 

These last couple of years have seen the Durango morph from a typical seven-passenger SUV to an extreme performance vehicle. We expect great things for a new Dodge SUV in 2023, and can’t wait. 


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