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Cars are getting more and more expensive, which has most shoppers trying to figure out where to get the best deals. Some are turning to places like Sam’s Club, which can help with lower prices not only on gas but also on vehicles. But how does the Sam’s Club Auto Buying Program work, and how much could it help you save on car buying?  

How much can you save through Sam’s Club Auto Buying Program?

Sam's Club Auto Buying Program
A Sam’s Club sign | Scott Olson/Getty Images

Sam’s Club Auto Buying Program allows Sam’s Club members to shop for specific makes and models of used or new cars from TrueCar dealers associated with the program. A member hoping to buy a car can enter their preferences into the Sam’s Club auto website and generate a list of potential vehicles for purchase. 

Once the potential purchaser enters what they’re looking for, they’ll receive a comparison of average TrueCar prices for the car versus the MSRP. The potential buyer can then choose to enter their personal information to be contacted by dealers with specific offers. 

Generally speaking, Sam’s Club members who purchase new vehicles through the program save an average of $3,463 off the MSRP for new cars, Nexstar News reports. They can expect unspecified savings on used cars too.

But that’s not the only potential savings you can expect. The program also provides 20% off auto repair expense reimbursement of up to $500 twice a year, along with a maximum of two $500 auto insurance deductible reimbursements when you buy through a participating dealer and report the purchase through the Sam’s Club Auto Buying Program website.

The benefits of Sam’s Club Auto Buying Program

In addition to the potential savings afforded by the Sam’s Club program, it offers some other advantages as well. One of the most significant is the ease of the shopping experience. Rather than having to go from dealer to dealer looking for the best deal, a Sam’s Club member using the auto program website can specify exactly what they want and let the offers come to them. This is a great time-saver, and we all know time is money. 

Buying a car through the Sam’s Club Auto Buying Program also provides additional perks. For example, as part of the shopping experience, you’ll get a detailed pricing analysis to help you see what other buyers typically pay for vehicles in your area. You also get special pricing from Sam’s Club Tire Center, free flat-tire repairs, battery testing, wiper blade repairs, and discounts on gas.

The program also has some drawbacks

Of course, nothing is perfect, and Sam’s Club Auto Buying Program is no exception. The most notable of the program’s drawbacks is its limited inventory. If you need a specific vehicle, you could be out of luck.

There’s also the fact that you can’t negotiate with dealers through the program. If you’re not happy with the price you’re offered, you’ll simply have to continue shopping. 

There are also other limitations you’ll need to keep in mind if you’re thinking of purchasing a car through Sam’s Club. One is there’s no financing offered through the program. If you need financing, you’ll need to look elsewhere, such as a bank or the dealership.

Another disadvantage to the program is that you won’t be able to trade in your vehicle directly, although it might still be able to work something out with the dealership. Leasing is another option that will be off the table if you purchase through the program. 

All in all, Sam’s Club Auto Buying Program offers significant advantages in terms of price, but it has some limitations, so you’ll want to plan accordingly if you intend to buy a vehicle through the program.