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California-based company ModVans has seen a gap in the van life market and taken advantage. Their new offerings promise to make the lifestyle not only more fun but far, far more practical. That is if the concept of a go-anywhere camping setup on wheels isn’t practical enough for you. Clearly, it wasn’t for ModVans, which is why the company has introduced two new models: the CV1/M and the MH1.

All it takes is a Ford Transit Van

The exterior of a black ModVans CV1 with beefy off-road tires and a suspension lift
ModVans CV1 | ModVans

Happily, both of the brand’s new models are based on a staple of the van life: the Ford Transit. However, by the time the brand is done with them, they’re anything but a Ford Transit. For one, the new CV1/M is able to be converted from a camping haven to a work van on a whim. Fixtures like the sink, toilet, and tables can be removed to open up the gigantic flat load floor that vans are known for.

Additionally, there’s also a pop-up roof, seen below, which can add a good bit more headroom to the vehicle. These are all fundamental changes from the brand’s initial CV1 model, which used a shorter roof version of the Transit as a platform. Speaking of platforms, the van of course offers sleeping space. The first sits just behind the kitchen, and the second appears to be mounted along the roofline. Unfortunately, that likely means that ModVans owners will only be able to use one sleeping space with the tent down.

ModVans offers the best of both worlds

The interior of the ModVans CV1, complete with swivels seats, a table, and stove
ModVans CV1 | ModVans

The other ModVans model, the MH1, builds on the foundation laid by the CV1/M. Instead of just a taller Ford Transit base, the second model in the lineup uses a much larger extended height and length Transit for maximum van life. Think of the MH1 as more of a full-fledged camper van than the CV1/M, which is still very much a regular van. There’s further evidence of this in the interior. There’s a fully enclosed bathroom, for starters.

Moreover, there’s also a huge kitchen that comes complete with an oven. The features in the MH1 keep coming, and there’s also a full-size shower included in the more luxury-leaning MH1, just across from the bathroom. The best part? That shower can collapse electronically, according to ModVans, creating more counter space. There’s also a 50-gallon water tank and an available 500-AH battery to keep all your stuff charged. Finally, the MH1 offers both a queen and full-sized bed. Like the CV1/M, that full bed can only be used when the pop-up top is up.

Everything has a price

A black Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper sits in the desert at sunset
A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper | Josh Brasted via Getty Images

Of course, all this van life comes at a price. As expected, the CV1/M is the cheaper of the two. That one will run you $89,000 to start. The MH1 starts at a much higher price. $114,000 is a lot for a weekend camping setup, but you get what you pay for. Clearly, people are buying. There’s already a waitlist for the MH1. Will you be on it?


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