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It used to be that vehicles equipped with features ideal for camping were attractive only to hard-core adventurers. But with the surge in family adventure road trips and camping, automakers like Mini recognize a group of consumers who appreciate those amenities. So in response to the growing popularity of van life, camping, and road trips, Mini has introduced two Cooper models perfect for summer camping.

A surge in camping adventures

The pandemic has left people itching to get out of the house. And the best way to venture out while avoiding busy airports is to hop in the family vehicle and take a road trip. Camping has become a popular way to adventure, too. As more Americans step into the camper life, automakers have noticed new opportunities. 

Today’s vehicles offer versatility and accessories, including roof racks, clever storage solutions, and even tent capabilities for camping. In fact, Mini is getting in on the fun with two of its most popular vehicles. And they might be the greenest in the Mini family.

The Mini Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 is ready for adventure

Packed with camping essentials such as carrier systems, luggage compartments, and roof tent mounting, the Mini Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 is likely to become a fan favorite. Equipping this plug-in hybrid with the ALL4 trim means having the railing racks perfect for tenting. BMW Group shows the versatility of this campsite-friendly ride and says users can erect this tent with its ladder in only minutes.

Also, Mini USA says enthusiasts will appreciate the all-wheel drive, making climbing dirt roads to rustic campgrounds a breeze. Other new features of the Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 include LED headlights with cornering functions, LED fog lamps, a new fascia, and fresh exterior colors.

Powering this camping-friendly ride is the turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder capable of 134 hp. In addition, the electric motor cranks 87 hp, allowing the ALL4 to produce 221 hp total. Fuel economy estimates make it an excellent pick for road trips, too. This Mini gets 73 MPGe. And the overall driving range is 300 miles, The Auto Channel reports.

The Mini Cooper SE is a happy camper

The Mini Cooper SE comes equipped with all the camping necessities, too. You can outfit yours with mobile night quarters. It’s the only electric small car that can also be configured with tent-supporting roof rails.

Despite its few shortcomings, Car and Driver calls it impressive, with affordable price points and entertainment capabilities.

This Cooper can go 110 miles on a full charge. And the 32.6-kWh battery provides 181 horses, making the pep on this Mini fun and punchy. When hitting the road for a camping adventure, you’ll enjoy 108 MPGe.

The perfect vacation companions

These recently revealed Mini Cooper models make for perfect vacationing companions even beyond their tent capabilities. Expect plenty of energy to power all your must-have camping gadgets, including phones and tablets. Plug in a cooler to chill your beverages, too. And enjoy your best camping music and a relaxing ambiance in the great outdoors.

If you’re one of the many families planning road trips this summer, you’ll likely need a trusty ride to make it happen. Consider the Mini Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 or Mini Cooper SE if you’re ready to camp in style. The tent capability and high-voltage energy will make your experience feel more like glamping. Plus, you’ll have a fun, peppy ride with EV tech that will translate to even more cost savings with every trip. 


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