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Choosing between a two-door and a four-door Mini Cooper often sparks debate among enthusiasts. While both models share the iconic Mini design and spirited driving performance, their differences could sway buyers. Let’s look at sales figures and other details about Mini Cooper models.

More people buy the Mini Cooper Hardtop 2-Door than the 4-Door

The Mini Cooper Hardtop 2-Door and 4-Door have seen positive sales growth, reflecting their enduring popularity. First-quarter 2022 and 2023 sales figures reveal notable gains for both models.

According to BMW Group, which owns Mini, the Cooper Hardtop 2-Door experienced an 8.8% gain, with Q1 2023 sales reaching 2,006 units, compared to 1,843 units in the same period the previous year. Similarly, the Hardtop 4-Door demonstrated a significant 26% surge in sales, with Q1 2023 recording 911 units sold, up from 723 units in Q1 2022.

While both have experienced increased demand, the Hardtop 2-Door remains the best-selling Mini Cooper model in North America.

In fact, the only Mini model that outsells the Cooper Hardtop 2-Door is the Countryman crossover SUV. It sold 2,788 units in Q1 2023, down 7% from 2,997 in Q1 last year.

Here are Mini’s most recently reported North American sales figures:

ModelQ1 2023Q1 2022%
Cooper Hardtop 2-Door2,0061,8438.8%
Cooper Hardtop 4-Door91172326.0%
Cooper Convertible93873627.4%

Cooper Clubman

Why does the Mini Cooper Hardtop 2-Door sell better than the 4-Door?

The popularity of the Mini Cooper Hardtop 2-Door over its 4-Door sibling can be attributed to a couple of factors. First, the 2-Door’s compact dimensions and sporty styling resonate with buyers seeking a zippy ride. Its iconic design and the Cooper’s reputation for go-kart-like handling create an allure for enthusiasts looking for a fun and engaging experience.

Additionally, the 2-Door’s lower price point than the 4-Door could also play a role in the former’s higher sales figures, appealing to budget-conscious buyers without compromising the Cooper experience. The Hardtop 2-Door starts at $25,800, whereas the 4-Door retails for $1,000 more at $26,800.

Looking beyond the hardtop models, Mini fans can also explore the Mini Cooper Convertible. Starting at $35,700, this open-top variant offers a unique driving experience and adds an element of freedom and excitement.

While the Hardtop 2-Door remains more popular, the convertible’s distinctive charm appeals to those who crave the thrill of open-air driving, making it a compelling choice for those seeking an exhilarating and stylish ride. So the convertible, which comes in only a two-door body style, is also more popular than the Hardtop 4-Door.

Mini Cooper’s diverse range of models caters to various preferences and lifestyles.

Overview of the 2024 Cooper Hardtops

The 2024 Mini Cooper Hardtop 2-Door and 4-Door offer distinct features for varying tastes and budgets. The 2-Door boasts an affordable price, providing an entry point into the Mini Cooper experience.

Under the hood, a 1.5-liter twin-turbo inline-three-cylinder engine delivers spirited performance with 134 hp and 162 lb-ft of torque. It balances practicality and sportiness with seating for four and ample cargo space of 34 cubic feet.

On the other hand, the Hardtop 4-Door starts at $26,800, a $1,000 higher price point than the 2-Door. However, the 4-Door seats five adults comfortably. It has the same engine specs as the 2-Door, delivering the same power and torque. But with a longer wheelbase of 101.1 inches and an extended length of 158.5 inches, the 4-Door provides more interior space and a larger trunk volume of 13.1 cubic feet.

The Hardtop 2-Door and 4-Door offer a range of features and technologies to enhance the driving experience. From their fuel-efficient performance to precise handling, these Mini Cooper models embody the brand’s commitment to delivering an exhilarating driving experience.


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