Ultra-Rare $2.5 Million Ferrari F60 America Is a Supercar You’ll Never See

For the most part, Ferraris are rarely seen on the road. With high prices and relatively low production numbers, chances are you won’t see a prancing horse on your way to work. However, within this world of supercars, a few models stand out with their extreme exclusivity. Today we’ll be taking a look at exactly that with the Ferrari F60 America.

Introduced originally back in 2014, Car and Driver reports that this supercar has a production run of just 10 cars. In fact, this model completely sold out before the news of its existence first broke. As you might imagine, it carried a $2.5 million price tag.

What is the Ferrari F60 America and why is it special?

An image of a Ferrari F60 America in a photo studio.
Ferrari F60 America | Ferrari

Despite its massive price tag and limited production run, the Ferrari F60 America is based on a “regular” production model, the F12betrlinetta. As a result, the special edition model gets the same naturally-aspirated 730-hp V12 upfront and traction going to the rear wheels exclusively. According to Car and Driver, this allows the F60 America to shoot to 60 mph in around 3.1 seconds.

Despite its F12berlinetta base, the F60 America has a completely distinct look. This means you get a completely redesigned exterior. From the sculpted fenders to the rear arches behind the driver, this Ferrari looks completely unique.

However, the big differentiator and the main reason this model is special is that it has no roof. Since the regular production model only exists as a coupe, this rare model was the only way you could experience that V12 powertrain at the time without a roof. However, this car’s interior is where things truly get weird.

It has a true two-tone interior

An image of a Ferrari F60 America in a photo studio.
Ferrari F60 America | Ferrari

If you thought the Ferrari F60 America’s exterior was a bit extreme, the interior steps things up considerably. That’s because it features a true two-tone layout, literally. The driver’s seat features red leather, while the passenger seat features black leather. This goes beyond the seats as well. That’s because all of the trim designed for the driver is also finished in red, while the passenger’s side of the dashboard is finished in black.

The goal with the Ferrari F60 America’s interior color scheme was to pay homage to the brand’s older racing cars that featured an asymmetrical interior. Setting these details aside, the rest of the interior is quite similar to that of the F12berlinetta.

How much does a Ferrari F60 America cost?

An image of a Ferrari F60 America in a photo studio.
Ferrari F60 America | Ferrari

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The two main reasons why you’ll likely never see a Ferrari F60 America on the road surround its price and rarity. With just 10 units produced for the 2015 model year, this model was essentially designed to be a collector car. Even a minimal amount of mileage or damage could severely affect the value of this supercar.

However, as Motor1 reports, one of these machines came up for sale in 2019. While the seller didn’t disclose an asking price, chances are it was well above the original $2.5 million asking price. Since then, no other examples have traded hands publicly.