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Ever since Miley Cyrus bought herself a $75,000 Mercedes-Benz convertible for her sweet sixteen, her love for nice cars has only grown. Her celebrity status and hard work as a musician paid off and she keeps a luscious car collection at her disposal. And one thing is certain: Miley has a taste for luxury sports cars as well as an appreciation for the versatility of the luxury SUV segment.

Miley Cyrus on the red carpet
Miley Cyrus | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Miley Cyrus began her career with the Disney Channel as Hannah Montana. Many Millenials have been with her since the beginning, watching her grow up and hit life’s many milestones. One of those, of course, was getting her driver’s license. Her love for cars has obviously grown beyond that first car.

She matured into the Miley we know today with her own non-profit organization called ‘Happy-Hippies.’ She has been married and divorced, owns more than one home, and has a passion for activism. But it is clear by looking at this celebrity’s car collection that in spite of her blossoming maturity, she still isn’t afraid to spend a little extra money on toys.

Miley’s Mercedes-Benz Collection

2017 Mercedes SLC
2017 Mercedes SLC | Mercedes-Benz

Miley Cyrus has added to her Mercedes menagerie since she turned 16 back in 2008. She now allegedly owns two more, and one is a hybrid SUV––according to Auto Insider. She owns a Mercedes-Benz SL500 convertible and an ML450 hybrid SUV. The ML450 definitely helps build a reputation as an environmentally friendly celebrity because it reduces air pollution.

This hybrid Mercedes SUV replaced a Toyota Prius that Miley had at one point. She left the club of Prius-driving celebrities and upgraded to this versatile vehicle instead. The convertible SL500 embodies the engineering of Mercedes-Benz. It may be small, but it is mighty. The 5.5-liter V8 gets 380 horsepower and goes 0-60 in 4.7 seconds.

Does Miley Cyrus really have an Infiniti?

a blue Infiniti luxury sports car on the beach
2005 Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe | Infiniti

Yeah, we know it’s a little weird. But then again, weird is probably a term that Miley wouldn’t mind using in reference to herself. The Infiniti G35 is supposedly still a part of her car collection. It’s definitely a throwback, but it still packs some heat. The V6 in the G35 generates 280 horsepower for a six-second sprint from 0-60.

Sport and Luxury in the name of Maserati and McLaren

2016 Maserati Quattroporte S Q4 is on display at the 108th Annual Chicago Auto Show
The 2016 Maserati Quattroporte S Q4 | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

For a luxurious sedan, Miley took a slightly avant-garde route with her Maserati Quattroporte. This one really stands out against other luxury cars in its class. With superior Italian design and attention to detail, Miley’s Maserati is on the rare side (with a $100,000 price tag).

She takes the sport side of car collecting up a notch with her Mclaren, though. Miley’s McLaren MP4 12C places her among other celebrity car collectors such as Dwayne Wade or Jay Leno. The McLaren thrills drivers simply by existing as the engineering marvel it is. This one cost around 130 grand and goes 0-60 in 3.3 seconds. With a max speed of over 200 mph, we are guessing Miley may have found at least one of the thrills she was seeking.

Luxury SUVs that can do it all

2020 Porsche Cayenne
2020 Porsche Cayenne | Porsche

Aside from her Mercedes ML450 hybrid SUV, Miley Cyrus also owns a Porsche Cayenne GTS that would make the likes of Ellen Degeneres and Jerry Seinfeld proud. This versatile SUV is luxurious and ultra-capable. A 3.6-liter twin-turbo V6 sends 440 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque through a system that powers all four wheels. Miley’s cost 80 grand and she added a personal touch with black rims and tinted windows.

Last one in the lineup is Miley’s Range Rover Sport. I guess when you’re worth millions, the reliability of your off-roader isn’t exactly an issue that takes priority. This is one of the first SUVs ever added to her collection and, while most celebrities probably don’t go off-roading a whole lot, we wouldn’t be that surprised if Miley does. And for that occasion, the Range Rover Sport will do.

Miley Cyrus’s car collection

We’re sure to see more of Miley’s car collection in the future. But for now, these seven cars seem like plenty. And––while not all of these are models we would choose with that kind of money––most can’t say they’d be mad if they traded garages.


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