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Lexus vehicles have always been known to last for many miles. How many? It’s not uncommon to hear about any Lexus lasting for well over 200,000 miles. In fact, there is even a Lexus LS sedan with a million miles on the clock and still ticking away. But what about the LX 570? Is Lexus’ tried-and-true three-row SUV good for the long haul?

2019 Lexus LX 570 sports utility vehicle
2019 Lexus LX 570 sports utility vehicle | Dania Maxwell/Bloomberg

How long can a Lexus LX 570 last?

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition
2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit

Anyone looking to purchase a Lexus LX 570 and keep it for the long run will be pleased to know that it should last the distance from the Earth to the moon and back. According to Four Wheel Trends, “The Lexus LX is a very reliable vehicle. It can last longer than most others on the marketplace, up to 500,000 miles if taken care of well.”

One of the reasons for the Lexus LX 570’s longevity is that it’s built on the Toyota Land Cruiser platform, which is renowned for being well-engineered. Many owners on the Club Lexus forum claim to rack up well over 200,000 miles on their LX 570s with minimal issues along the way. However, that doesn’t mean that the LX 570 is cheap to maintain.

How much does it cost to maintain a Lexus LX 570?

The 2008 Lexus LX570 SUV is introduced at the New York International Auto Show.
The 2008 Lexus LX570 SUV is introduced at the New York International Auto Show. | STAN HONDA/AFP via Getty Images)

According to Edmunds, it can cost an average of $12,012 to maintain a 2021 Lexus LX 570 over the span of five years. However, older LX 570 models can cost less to maintain. Repair Pal reports that a 2014 Lexus LX 570 can cost an average of $923 to maintain every year. That’s a far more manageable ownership calculation, especially since you can currently find 2013-2014 models selling in the $30,000 range nationwide.

The LX 570 is generally considered a reliable and capable three-row SUV

2008 Lexus LX570
2008 Lexus LX570 | STAN HONDA/AFP via Getty Images

It’s easy to see that the Lexus LX 570 is undoubtedly a reliable car that’s relatively affordable to maintain, depending on the model year. But if you need more reassurance, JD Power gave the 2021 Lexus LX 570 an 83 out of 100 reliability rating. That’s incredible, considering we’re talking about a luxury three-row SUV that can tow up to 8,000 pounds.

Of course, there are other SUVs in the segment that can tow more. However, the LX 570 is able to handle a large load while wrapping its occupants in opulent style. It’s also able to go off-road easily with its CRAWL control feature, which is essentially cruise control for rougher, low-speed surfaces. Additionally, there are cameras on all four corners of the vehicle so that the driver can see any obstacles in the way.

Ultimately, the Lexus LX 570 is a luxurious three-row SUV that can hang with the best in its class no matter which generation you choose. It’s comfortable, capable, and filled with all of the off-road and on-road amenities you need. Best of all, it’s dead-on reliable and can get you to the moon and back. Well, not literally, of course. Although, we wouldn’t be surprised if a future generation of the Lexus LX will be able to do that.


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