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Mike Tyson is known as one of the greatest heavyweight boxing champions of all time. He has fought in 58 matches during his career. He has astonishingly been declared the winner of 50 of those matches. His impressive stats made him one of the most feared and respected competitors in the boxing world.

Although he’s most recognized for his boxing talents, his name has been on the front page of several newspapers for other reasons that have nothing to do with his athletic ability.

Throughout his life, Tyson has been arrested almost as many times as he has won a boxing match. He has a pretty long criminal rap sheet that covers everything from juvenile misdemeanors to serious felonies. One time, Tyson was even arrested for crashing his Ferrari through a store window. As he looks back on the incident now, he actually recalls this incident as one of his “favorite arrest stories.”

So, how is it that a guy who’s entire career revolved around being precise and accurate could have possibly crashed an expensive car into the side of a building?

When did Mike Tyson crash a Ferrari through a store window?

A few years ago, Tyson appeared on a YouTube talk show called The Diego Show and had a hilarious sit-down interview with a puppet named Diego. Halfway through the interview, Diego asked Tyson about his favorite arrest.

Tyson thought about the question for a second, then replied: “My favorite arrest, I would have to say, is when I, um, bought an um, Ferrari and I didn’t know how to drive the Ferrari and it was idling or something… and it just went through the window.”

When Diego seemed a bit confused, Tyson was quick to clear up the fact that because his car went through the store window and he was arrested for property damages.

Many fans were shocked to hear that Tyson had ever wrecked his Ferrari. However, he had actually briefly recounted the story to Us Weekly back in 2014 when he had said that he had accidentally backed his Ferrari into a convenience store because he did not realize that he had put the car in reverse.

How powerful is a Ferrari?

The fact that Tyson had said that he didn’t know how to drive the car may lead many people to believe that the Ferrari is a difficult car to drive. However, in terms of driver-friendly features, Ferraris are no different than any other car on the market.

Ferrari cars were first introduced to the public in 1947 when an Italian race car driver, named Enzo Ferrari, decided to make a fast and powerful car that everyone could drive. Ferrari is known for building cars that have a unique combination of powerful engines, lightweight body, and aerodynamic designs that help to make them some of the fastest cars that are available on the market today.

We don’t know for sure which year or model of Ferrari that Tyson had crashed into the store. But according to Car Keys, Tyson has owned three different Ferraris in his lifetime: a 1995 F50, a 456 GT Spyder, and a Testarossa. All three of these models are known to be very fast and powerful cars.

Has Mike Tyson ever been in trouble with any of his other cars?

Like anybody, Mike Tyson was involved in a few different car accidents in his lifetimes. One of the most notable accidents was beck in 1988 when he crashed his Bentley that was worth $180,000 in Manhattan.

He didn’t get arrested during the incident, but he did almost get into trouble when he had insisted that the police officers working the accident take the car because the car was “bad luck.”

In the end, the police officers did take the car but were forced to give it back because they were not allowed to accept gifts while working. Although, Tyson probably found another way to get rid of the car.

The day after the accident, Don King had reportedly bought Tyson a brand new Royals-Royce Corniche, so we don’t think that Tyson was too upset about having the accident.