Mid-Engine Toyota MR2 Coming In 2025

So our title says that an MR2 is coming in 2025 but that’s slightly off. Meant to give you an idea of what to expect, Toyota is looking to build a successor to the MR2. But the MR2 was priced as an entry-level mid-engine sports car. This new mid-engine Toyota will be quite a bit more like a Honda NSX or Nissan GTR.

Here is what we know for a Toyota that won’t be in production for five years if ever. Supposedly, Toyota wants a car in the classification of an NSX. Mid-engine, around $100,000, and a hybrid. Whether plug-in or not we don’t know at this time. We can speculate that the engine will handle power to the rear wheels and that possibly two electric motors will power the two front wheels.

Since the target is mostly the NSX which is a hybrid we can be pretty sure this MR2 successor will also be. The engine will be a scaled-down V35A-FTS V6 like you find in the hybrid Lexus LC500. If it is scaled-down then something around 3-liters at 150+ hp per-liter is the target. That 450-500 hp combined with 150 hp from the electric motors would put this mid-engine in the 600+ category. It would have to be at least this much to go head-to-head with the NSX.

Toyota has a driving heritage reputation in Japan

Best Car magazine cover

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Now for the justification for such a car. Toyota has a driving heritage reputation in Japan. Right now the lineup is the Supra at the bottom and GR Super Sport at the hypercar level. There is a big gap in the middle that a mid-engine NSX-type of car could fill. This way you have the $50,000 Supra, a $100,000 mid-engine sports car, and the $3 million GR Super Sport at the top. And with the middle sports car, Toyota can maintain its driving reputation in Japan.

Japan’s Best Car is providing the images and news for this long-range scoop. It says Toyota is looking to debut the car in the fall or winter of 2025. A lot can change in five years but there have been rumors about a mid-engine something or other and now with this news, it all comes together. Sort of.

 The last MR2 was sold until 2007

2007 Toyota MR2 | Toyota

The last MR2 was sold until 2007. So it will be almost 20 years long gone since a mid-engine Toyota has seen the light of day. The first MR2 W10 debuted in 1984 and was in production for five years. The W20 arrived in 1990 and ran through 1999. The final W30 came out in 2000 and ended in 2007. Each successive generation got a bit larger. 

It should also be noted that the W20 MR2 did not have the distinctive proportions of a mid-engine car. It looked like a regular coupe with the engine in front. The only telltale sign was vents behind the doors. The potential design based on the Best Car renderings has all of the feel and proportions of a mid-engine sports car. It almost looks like a Lamborghini Hurrican but the size of a Gallardo. 

As stated five years out is pretty far off to be scooping Toyota products so anything can happen between now and then. And if Toyota does keep the ceiling at $100,000 that might not be too much in 2025 dollars.