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GM turned Corvettes into Cadillacs years ago with the XLR. Now, Competition Carbon will be doing it to brand new C8 Corvettes. It is developing a rebody kit to convert Corvettes with Cadillac styling. Called the Cadillac C120R, the company says it will be available in 2022. 

Only a few details hint at the C120R’s Corvette origins

Competition Carbon Cadillac C120R
Competition Carbon Cadillac C120R Corvette conversion | CC

Competition Carbon has been around for a few years, offering widebody kits, spoilers, etc., for Corvettes, Lamborghinis, and more. Now it will offer this Cadillac version which will debut at the 2022 SEMA Show in Las Vegas at the beginning of November. It has the proportions, upper,  and silhouette of the C8, but the body panels reflect the Cadillac version.

Cadillac’s uniquely angular styling has been applied to all of the details to push the design. It is evident in everything from the front and rear styling, to the side intakes and optional roof scoop. The LED DRLs have the vertical, thin design incorporated as well. Body surfacing features less crown to the panels and sharper breaks than the Corvette’s. 

Cadillac styling cues help to separate it from a C8 Corvette

Competition Carbon Cadillac C120R
Competition Carbon Cadillac C120R Corvette conversion | CC

The frunk features vents instead of headlights, which look to be projector beams in the grille. Whereas the Corvette’s grille angles back, the CC front continues the arc of the hood in side-view. Though a takeoff of the Ford GT, we especially like the floating sail panels. 

At the rear, there are two options for the engine cover, which deviates substantially from the stock Corvette. We would assume part of the reason for this is to get away from the split window-like C8 styling. And the rear of the top is now flatter and ties into the sail panels. 

The rear graphics and overall design bear no resemblance to the Corvette’s. Those four exhaust tips sit quite high into the rear grille area. It is an unusual approach that works with this design. And, of course, there is the obligatory big wing. Finally, a Formula 1-like third brake light sits low. 

What engine will the Cadillac C120R Corvette have?

Competition Carbon Cadillac C120R
Competition Carbon Cadillac C120R Corvette conversion | CC

While we would expect that the power and suspension will be stock C8 Corvette LT2 or Z06, there are also rumors of a V12 version. How that will work with emissions and physical space restrictions is not addressed. Keep in mind that anything beyond the stock engine has to tie into the existing transaxle. So, if this is true, the V12 will either be very small, or it will become the center console. 

Looking ahead, Competition Carbon is also going to be doing this conversion to a convertible. It is slated to debut at the following year’s SEMA Show in 2023. Might this be the one with V12 power? We’ll have to wait and see. 

This is an ambitious project but looks to be in CC’s wheelhouse based on its previous efforts. We’re already looking forward to the 2022 SEMA Show. 


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