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Usually, when there’s a small camper, it’s built into the back of a tiny van. Although these can be cool and have a certain value, they aren’t what most folks think of when they want an RV. Finally, it seems like Mystic has made a small camper, or “micro-RV,” that looks like a real off-road camper just stayed in the dryer a little too long. The only issue with this micro RV is the name – the Mystic Mini Pop Bee Active Gear. 

Mystic camper at a show with all features on display
Mystic RV | Mystic

The Mystic Mini Pop Bee Active Gear is the coolest small camper in the world 

Japanese RV builders, Mystic, have really outdone themselves on this one. This camper is a special one for a few reasons. For one, when we say “small,” we mean “so incredibly tiny you’ll hardly believe it. 

Two, this off-road camper is mind-blowing considering how small the Kei-truck base is. The Kei-car class in japan is likely the tiniest class of cars ever made. When the Japanese make a small vehicle, it’s small. But the tiny RV manages to house a surprisingly complete RV package with a proper 4×4 driveline.

Lastly, again, we aren’t letting the name thing go. The name is far too long and nonsensical. But, you can call it what you want, as long as you call it cool. 

How good can a camper this small be? 

The new Mystic camper truck with its roof popped up
Mystic Mini Pop Bee Active Gear | Mystic

According to New Atlas, based on the truck variant of the Daihatsu Hijet, the Mystic Mini Pop Bee Active Gear is a thoroughly downsized version of a pickup truck with a pop-up camper. Despite its toy-esque size, the Mini pop offers a great deal of camper goodness. 

“Small” doesn’t really mean anything. Let’s put this descriptor in context—Mystic’s tiny camper measures 134-in total length. For reference, that is full 6.5 feet shorter than a Toyota Tacoma. Its size makes the small camper more pleasant to drive becuase of its maneuverability. 

Just because it’s little doesn’t mean it isn’t mighty. The bed-top camper sleeps up to three adults and one child on an expandable pop-up roof bed and multi-cushion convertible cabin bed. 

When it’s not a cushion fort, the ground floor is the camper’s cabin, complete with a central dinette area. This space also includes a single-seater bench on each side to accommodate two rear passengers on the drive. 

There is one downside to living the small camper life

tiny camper interior
Mystic Mini Pop Bee Active Gear interior | Mystic

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The Active Gear’s cabin lacks a typical camper kitchenette setup despite its many impressive features. There is a small, built-in sink with a 17-L freshwater tank. It also can convert into a flip-top workspace for food prep. Although it doesn’t come with the camper truck, there is space for an optional mini fridge and a personal camping stove. 

How much does this small camper truck cost? 

There are three base vehicle options; the Suzuki Carry, Toyota Pixis Kei trucks, and the Daihatsu Hijet. All versions are offered in the base 2WD option, which starts at $31,550, and the upgraded 4WD, which starts at $32,850. 

Like most other campers, the Active Gear has a few options that turn this mini RV into something a bit more serious. For instance, extra mods like the front bull bar, Toyo Open Country rough-terrain tires, and contrast over-fenders are available. These extras give the micro-camper truck a bit more all-terrain capability. Not to mention, these mods look pretty badass.