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Michael Strahan is one of the most recognizable sports figures, thanks to his time as an NFL player and television host. Strahan started with the New York Giants and played with the team for 15 years of his NFL career.

Later, he became an analyst, then a television host with Good Morning America. His net worth now is around $65 million. His affable nature and cheerful television demeanor are what make him incredibly popular. Like many celebrities, Strahan has an impressive car collection, but his reasoning for acquiring that collection is a little different. It all stems from one regret: selling a car he wishes he still had.

How much is Strahan’s collection worth?

Michael Strahan standing outdoors in a pink hat.
Michael Strahan | Getty Images

Sportskeeda calls Strahan’s collection insane, and it deserves that title. The collection is worth over $3 million. After Strahan shared an image of his cars, Hello Magazine said, “there were cars of every color stacks on lifts.” Strahan posted the image with the caption, “all the colors in the garage has it looking like a bag of skittles.”

Strahan’s collection consists of not just one or two big-name vehicles. He has a handful of Mercedes, including a 2007 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster. Strahan called it “one of the most comfortable, well-balanced…cars.” He also said it is powerful and sounds incredible.

He also gushes over his 2005 Porsche Carrera GT. “It’s just a beautiful, beautiful car,” he told MotorTrend. “A true driver’s super car,” he said.

His daily driver is a 2016 Cadillac Escalade ESV. While he loves the Cadillac for its versatility, he does say that he’s “old school” and that he likes “older cars” and “a little bit less technology sometimes.”

With how he speaks about his cars, it’s evident that Strahan loves his collection and has a special connection to the vehicles. For him, his collection isn’t a status symbol. He said, “I buy cars because I love cars and it’s something that I get from that vehicle, and that’s why I buy it.”

Just one regret made him start collecting

When it comes to talking cars, Strahan lovingly describes each one in his collection, but it’s the one that got away that sparked his interest in collecting. The second car he bought after signing with the New York Giants as a new pro football player was a 1994 Toyota Supra.

He drove that car for 10 years before he sold it, and he regrets that to this day. He told MotorTrend that he wishes that he’d never sold it. “It was so reliable,” he says. “I loved that car.” He said it was worth “every penny” he spent on it. Cool looking and “something different,” his Supra sparked a love of cars, and the regret of selling it spawned an incredible collection.

Michael Strahan talks about his love for cars on social media

Strahan loves his cars, and he’s picked up some unique ones along the way. The more unusual, the more likely you’ll see it in Strahan’s warehouse turned garage. One of his rides is a 1990 Lamborghini LM002, known as the Rambo Lambo. He likes that it’s not something people see on the streets often. His social media is full of posts about his cars, and he loves sharing them with his followers.

Strahan also produces “Tackle My Ride” on the NFL Network’s YouTube Channel. Here, he gets to take his love of cars and help NFL fans redo and restore their cars that need a little help. “It’s about people’s reactions and connections with their vehicles,” he says. “And I have all of those things with mine.” Every fan chosen to have their vehicle restored has been someone who does good in their community. Strahan uses it as a way to give back, and the fact that he gets to share his love for cars with fans is just a bonus.


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