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With summer just around the corner, boat enthusiasts are eager to return to the water. For those looking for optimal performance and power, the Mercury V12 Verado 600 checks all the boxes. This outboard boasts a vast array of innovative and intuitive features that can entice many boaters. However, the potent engine doesn’t come cheap.

The Mercury Verado 600 outperforms the competition but costs a pretty penny

The Mercury Verado 600 is the most powerful outboard motor on the market. While the 7.6-liter V12 engine generates a wave-churning 600 hp, it carries a hefty price tag of approximately $77,000, with additional costs for fitting and rigging.

Despite the sticker shock, Boat Trader says the Verado 600 surprises “with features never seen before on an outboard.” They include a two-speed automatic transmission and a gearcase that rotates independently from the engine’s main body. Other impressive components make the motor more fuel-efficient, powerful, and “civilized.”

Advantages of the Mercury Verado 600

Mercury reportedly worked on the Verado 600 for five years before its highly anticipated debut in February 2021.

The V12 Verado 600 high-performance engine weighs 1,260 pounds, making it unattractive to fishermen looking to troll or idle for extended periods. The water pressure demands make the outboard motor better suited for those wanting more power, which the Verado 600 delivers.

An independently articulating gearcase lets the motors squeeze together on a transom and can handle a multi-engine installation on a 27-inch center to provide as much power as needed. The rudder position indicator is also a welcome feature since drivers cannot see the rotation of the motors when turning the wheel. An integrated steering system helps the V12 engine’s lower unit pivot quickly, allowing for rapid corrections in rough waters.

New tech makes this the most advanced outboard motor on the market

The Mercury Verado 600 offers whisper-quiet and refined performance, elevating the standards of engineering and premium design. The Advanced Midsection (AMS) mounting system isolates vibration and noise by cradling the powerhead and dampening induction sounds to eliminate injection noise. According to Mercury Marine, “600 hp never sounded so quiet.”

The contra-rotating propellers power the vessel on the plane quickly, delivering exceptional efficiency, handling, midrange speeds, and fuel economy. In first gear, the two-speed automatic transmission generates the fullest torque and acceleration, simply transitioning to second gear for maximum performance and exhilaration.

The independent, steerable gearcase features 45-degree multi-directional capabilities when using the Joystick Docking Outboards systems. This allows for better maneuverability compared to the 30-degree articulation found in other outboard motors. Able to react intuitively to operator commands, the gearcase offers effortless handling, especially in open seas.

The joystick piloting system makes it simple to maneuver through tight spaces as the engines remain still and the gearcases turn underneath the water. Advanced Skyhook features offer digital anchoring capabilities that make setting and maintaining a heading and locking the bow in place a breeze. A simple push of a button activates the seamless system.

In addition, Mercury’s Next Generation Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) controls are standard, offering instant throttle response and exceptionally smooth shifting with push-button access to Active Trim-integrated controls. An electronic remote control is even available for multi-engine configurations.