Mercury Marine’s New 600-HP Outboard Motor Is a Gentle Giant

Mercury just released an epic new outboard motor with some of the most modern innovations we’ve seen so far in this context. Although it’s a powerful beast, this V12 Verado is quiet and easier to operate than previous outboards. In fact, Mercury Marine’s new 600 horsepower outboard motor is a gentle giant.

a press photo of a black V12 Verado outboard motor against a white backdrop
V12 Verado outboard motor | Mercury Marine

“smoother and quieter operation than any other large outboard engine we’ve run.” 

Boating Magazine

In a review posted on the Boating Magazine website Falvey writes about a test the Boating Mag team did with the all-new V12 600 horsepower outboard motor by Mercury Marine. This fresh take on luxury performance for boating reveals brand new technology that will surely influence the marine industry forever. Here’s what we know about the V12 Verado outboard motor.

According to Boating Magazine, Mercury Marine’s new 600-hp outboard motor performs extremely well. The team ran the V12 Verado motor aboard six boats. These included a range of vessels such as a 46-foot center console, a 50-foot cruiser, and a 40-foot bowrider.

The new V12 Verado outboard motor is going to change everything

“Based on that on-water experience, I believe this new Mercury engine will change the landscape of large outboard boats.”

Boating Magazine

Mercury Marine’s 600-hp V12 outboard motor is the first of its kind to employ a two-speed transmission. The V12 Verado motor is a 12 cylinder system with 7.6 liters of displacement. However, despite the large displacement volume, it’s packaged into a sleek a modern design.

Using breakthrough boat motor technology and a thoughtful design, it’s no wonder the V12 Verado motor is classified as luxury performance at its best. It’s so smooth and quiet, testers have been utterly blown away by its performance. Plus, it doesn’t have to moved in its entirety to turn. Only the submerged elements of Mercury Marine’s new V12 outboard motor move to and fro while navigating turns.

Because of this innovation, the V12 Verado motor demonstrates impressive performance even in close quarters. Of course, opening it up on open water is great. But now, navigating in and out of the marina proves much easier as well.

Mercury Marine’s New V12 Outboard Motor is a gentle giant

While the allure of 600 horsepower in a luxury performance V12 outboard motor is obvious for its sheer power, this beast has a trick up its sleeve. Not only is this amount of power exciting, however. Mercury Marine’s new V12 outboard motor is a gentle giant.

“From the helm, running both dockside and on open water, the V12-600 delivers a feeling of authority that is not matched by any other outboard we’ve tested.”

Boating Magazine
a closer view of the dual prop bottom turning half of the new Verado outboard motor
Verado 600-hp V12 outboard motor | Mercury Marine

While it’s fast and powerful, it’s also extremely well-engineered. Such attention to detail was taken that the V12 Verado motor is an outboard motor with grace and finesse. It’s easy to maneuver with an unmatched quiet to its operation.

How fast is the new Verado outboard motor?

While the specific boat to motor configuration you are running will impact top speeds, we are seeing reports of over 70-75mph. However, speed isn’t the only draw here. The new Verado outboard motor with its two-speed transmission shifts to provide more thrust and excitement out on the water.

Whether your interest is water sports, cruising, or sightseeing, this motor is a game-changer. And Mercury Marine’s new 600-hp V12 outboard motor is here to change the game. We can’t wait till boating high season comes back around.

an elevated view of a boat at speed running four verado outboard motors
four Verado motors | Mercury Marine

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