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We’re finally getting our first look at the EQE SUV, and a confirmation that the new SUV from Mercedes-Benz is on its way. The new interior pics show a familiar-looking interior to anyone who’s been inside the EQE or EQS sedans. It has giant screens, and a symmetrical front seat area, as well as seats for five. Mercedes will build the EQE SUV on its large electric vehicle platform that is shared with the EQS sedan and the upcoming EQS SUV. What surprises are in store?

The EQE SUV will be all-new for 2023

The interior of the upcoming 2023 EQS SUV from Mercedes.
2023 EQE SUV interior | Mercedes

The EQE, Mercedes says, “is one of the most spacious representatives of its class.” But Benz promises generous headroom, legroom, and elbow room in the new SUV. The dash looks like one giant digital screen, but it has three zones. There’s one 12.3-inch screen for the driver, a large 12.8-inch central screen, and a smaller one for the front seat passenger.

The screen in the center floats above the center console. The new EQE SUV interior will come in five color-coordinated combinations. Mercedes also adds a wood and aluminum trim that adds a 3D relief-look finish with laser-cut elements that are backlit. The EQE is part of the EQ brand of all-electric Benzes coming soon.

Is the EQE an SUV?

The 2023 Mercedes EQE is a sedan. It sits low, it has four doors and a trunk. SUVs don’t have trunks. But the company says the new 2023 EQE will come as an SUV, saying it’s the “multi-purpose variant of the EQE executive sedan.” Spy shots have floated around Twitter for a while showing an SUV-styled Mercedes that many have taken to be the new EQE SUV. Motor 1 is reporting that Mercedes has been testing an EQE SUV at racetracks in Europe.

It’s not uncommon for a manufacturer to make an SUV variant of a car or vice versa. The “coupe” version of the BMW X5, for example, the X6 trades a rugged-looking exterior for a svelte swoopy coupe body. Over the years Mercedes, too, has leveraged its C-Class small sedan platform for tall-body SUVs.

How much will EQE cost?

2023 EQE SUV interior
2023 EQE interior | Mercedes

Mercedes has not released prices for the 2023 EQE SUV. However, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are luxury vehicles that command a premium price. The 2023 sedan starts at about $70,000. The new 2023 Mercedes GLC, Mercedes’ most popular SUV, has many of the same features, except it’s a hybrid model SUV.

When can I buy an EQE?

Mercedes has confirmed that the EQE SUV will premiere on Oct. 16, but that doesn’t mean the SUV will show up at dealers on that date. Local dealers will likely see EQE SUVs late in the fourth quarter of 2022. EQE all-electric sedans are available but they are still a rare commodity to find at local dealers.


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