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Most of us know Mercedes-Benz for making quality cars and SUVs. But, this year Mercedes has recalled several cars and SUVs for a variety of issues. Now, the latest is a recall on GLE and GLS SUVs that need a small rear window fix.

The latest Mercedes recall affects GLE and GLS SUVs

A while Mercedes GLS
Mercedes-Benz GLS | Mercedes

Mercedes is asking owners to take their GLE and GLS SUVs to their dealer to have loose trim bars on the back window fixed if their SUV is affected. The trim can come off and cause an accident. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requires that owners are notified and in this case, if you own an affected vehicle, you will get a notice by Nov. 11.

In this case, according to, certain GLE 350, GLE 400e, GLE 450, GLE53, GLE 580, GLE 63 S, GLS 450, GLS 580, GLS 600, and GLS 63 SUVs are affected.

Recalls are common for every manufacturer

A white Mercedes GLE SUV
Mercedes GLE Coupe SUV | Mercedes

Recalls aren’t really a measure of a car’s reliability. But, it can be a pain to wonder if your car could catch on fire, roll away, or simply have a faulty wiring harness. And, of course, nobody wants to have to take time to take their car or SUV to a dealer just to have something fixed.

But, this year, Mercedes has faced several recalls. In June, the company recalled C300 cars for the risk of a short circuit in the truck if water gets in. Some of its 2022 EQS cars, its flagship electric sedan, were recalled for a software glitch in the rear camera. Also, some Mercedes E-Class convertibles were recalled for a faulty wiring harness.

What is the GLE SUV?

Mercedes launched the GLE SUV in 2020 as a new three-row large SUV. It comes in several trims that are all very similar, but as the numbers rise, so does the power. It starts with the GLE 350, which has a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with 255-horespower, and then moves up to the GLE 450, which has 362 horsepower, and the even more potent GLE 53. Overall, they are the same SUV, but with a few minor trim differences and options.

It comes with several trick tech options, like the E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL system, which helps the big SUV carve corners better by using a 48-volt electric motor. The 450 version offers EQ Boost, which adds up to 21 horsepower for when you need all of the power.

What is the Mercedes GLS SUV?

A silver Mercedes GLS SUV
Mercedes GLS SUV | Mercedes

The Mercedes GLS is becoming super popular as Mercedes’s top SUV, especially in the new Maybach trim. The GLS starts at about $82,000, while the Maybach version starts at more than $170,000. It comes with nearly every conceivable option Benz can add, from a tablet in the back that controls the temperature and entertainment options in the rear, to a five-zone climate control system that keeps up to seven people comfy. The back seat is large and designed to fit two actual adults in comfort.

The standard GLS comes with a 3.0-liter that makes 362 horsepower. The Maybach gets a monster 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 that makes a Corvette stomping 550 horsepower. Of course, if you really want your Mercedes to move, look for a GLS 63 with AMG badges that has 603 horsepower.

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