Mercedes Is Making the Biggest Push Toward EV by 2025 Than Any Other Company

EVs are the future, and automakers are designing and building tons. There’s a long list of upcoming EVs, and almost every automaker is somewhere in the process of transitioning into only making EVs. However, Mercedes is surprisingly making a more significant push than many other companies, as it has plans to make at least four new EVs by 2025.

The coming wave of EVs

A black Mercedes EQS on a blue pad inside a building.
Mercedes EQS | Getty Images

As Cars wrote, many automakers have planned to build new EVs very soon. This is mainly because many governments, such as California, New York, and the United Kingdom, have all put a deadline on when the sale of new gas-powered cars will be banned. Most of those deadlines are at either 2030 or 2035, but there are a lot of variations.

Automakers realize that they need to put the pedal to the metal and accelerate EV production. And, according to Cars, many automakers are planning to start slow, at least for now. Currently, most automakers are planning to build at least one or two brand-new EVs by 2025. For example, the Honda Prologue will be Honda’s first large-scale production EV, and it’ll debut in 2024. Mercedes, however, is far more ambitious than that. 

The upcoming Mercedes EQS and EQE

According to Cars, the 2022 Mercedes EQS is very close to hitting dealerships. It’s expected to debut later in 2021, but that’s not all. The EQS is a sedan, and in 2022, Mercedes plans to build an SUV version of it. Sedan or SUV, the EQS will be seriously impressive in a lot of ways. It’ll have two engine options. In the beginning, a single electric motor gets 329 hp and two electric motors that get 516 hp. 

On top of that, it comes with a 108-kWh battery pack that provides over 400 miles of range. However, the EPA hasn’t released an official range just yet, but it shouldn’t be far from that number. The most impressive thing, though, is its MBUX Hyperscreen, a 56-inch infotainment screen available on the premium trims. All of these features, and more, won’t be cheap, however. It’ll start at about $100,000.

The EQE, on the other hand, is similar to the EQS in some ways. The EQS is the EV of the S-Class, while the EQE is the EV version of the E-Class. They’ll also use the same electric platform, according to Cars. Just like the EQS, Mercedes plans on building an SUV version of the EQE, too. The EQE should debut in 2022, and the SUV version will come later in the same year.


The Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG: The G Wagon Goes Electric

The upcoming Mercedes EQB and G-Class electric SUVs

While Mercedes plans to build SUV versions of its electric sedans, the German automaker creates more dedicated electric SUVs. According to Cars, Mercedes will debut the EQB in 2022, which is the electric version of the GLB. It’ll launch in China before heading to America, but it’ll be a relatively spacious SUV. 

It’s still a compact SUV, but it’ll have up to three rows of seats. This allows it to seat up to seven people. On top of that, Cars said that the EQB should have slightly less cargo space than the GLB. The electric motor gets about 268 hp, which should make it relatively affordable. However, its other details aren’t known right now.

Lastly, according to Cars, Mercedes plans to debut an electric version of the G-Class by 2024. Not much is known about this, but it’ll be called the EQG. Furthermore, it’ll have four electric motors, which should mean a lot of power at the very least.