Mercedes Grand Canyon RSX Is a No Expense Spared Off-Road RV

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van has been a popular platform for many years as a base for Class B, and Class C recreational vehicle conversions. The conversions have included bedrooms, bunks, kitchens, and even bathrooms. So, as one can imagine, the pricing for these RV conversions ranges significantly depending on the floorplan, up through the hundreds of thousands. But, what if someone wanted an ultra-luxury conversion and was willing to spare no expense? And, what if they wanted it to be able to go anywhere, not just on the pavement?

The beginning of the 2021 Hymer Grand Canyon RSX

A camouflaged 2021 Hymer Grand Canyon RSX offroad RV
2021 Hymer Grand Canyon RSX off-road RV | German Television via YouTube

Luxury motorhomes are not that unusual. The idea of cramming an RV with all the luxury appointments that one might find in an upscale hotel room has been around for eons. Basically, there have always been manufacturers out there catering to the needs of those with refined taste, those who prefer more of a glamping experience than camping. 

Today’s modern translation of the desire to go anywhere and camp glamorously can be well seen in the 2021 Hymer Grand Canyon RSX Mercedes conversion. The Rock Star Exclusive (RSX) conversion is a prototype RV conversion from a Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 chassis for the Palmowski Motorhome Center in Germany. It’s perfect for off-roading and glamping at the same time. 

The exterior and interior of the RV

The modifications are extensive. The van receives a lift kit that raises the RV nearly 2 inches, giving it that extra ground clearance to traverse obstacles. The BF Goodrich off-road tires are mounted on forged rims and give the van the bite it needs off the pavement. Powered side-steps aid in entry and egress, and there is a custom sunvisor/light bar at the top of the windshield that seems appropriate. But, in an effort not to be too disruptive while in the wild, the entire van is covered in old-school desert camouflage wrap and flanked by carbon-fiber side-view mirrors, because, why not?

Inside is where things really go the extra mile. There’s leather swivel seating up front and carbon fiber scattered through the steering wheel, dash, and door inserts. The RV has an Alcantara headliner upfront and a starlight headliner whose lights change color in the back. A dual burner stove and a sink are found in the galley. Drawers are soft close in hardware, and there is plenty of overhead cabinetry. In the rear, there is a convertible bed area, as is expected. 

This is a custom prototype RV

The 2021 Hymer Grand Canyon RSX is a custom prototype. Pricing is expected to be around 200,000 Euros, or approximately $242,000 at today’s exchange rate. There is a YouTuber from Moscow that recorded a lengthy video in German. The English subtitles are not the best. But, the video may interest readers that are trying to get ideas for their own conversions. The gist of the video seems to be that Palmo is gauging interest with the RV and wants its customers to know that they can make vehicles as custom as necessary. That video is below.


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Off-road go anywhere overlanding vehicles have been growing in popularity recently. As the global COVID-19 pandemic set in, people have wanted to go out but still be socially distanced. So, trekking into the outdoors via an RV has become a desired choice of late. But, just because someone is going camping doesn’t necessarily mean they want to give up everything. Sometimes people want to be pampered by comfortable leather seating and drift away into sleep while staring at a starlight headliner. There is nothing wrong with that. That’s the great thing about the RV industry. There is something out there for everyone. The 2021 Hymer Grand Canyon RSX is the perfect example.