Mercedes G Wagen Chooses the Red Pill In Honor of The Matrix Resurrections Premier

The Matrix Resurrections Premier finally came out last week in San Fransico at the Castro Theatre. Out front sat a massive red pill with a Mercedes-Benz G Wagen (an AMG G63, to be precise) inside of it. The installation was quite the spectacle.

Mercedes AMG G63 inside red pill at The Matrix Resurrections premier
Mercedes AMG G63 inside red pill at The Matrix Resurrections premier | Mercedes

Why did The Matrix Resurrections premier feature a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen in a red pill? 

For any Matrix fans, the red pill should not be much of a mystery to you. Choosing between the red and blue pills is the catalyst for Neo, the main character, to leave the Matrix and enter the “real” world. 

The blue pill allows him to forget everything he learned from his mysterious mentor-esque figure and return to his normal life. However, the red pill will change everything. It will unlock extraordinary powers that allow Neo to attempt to save humanity from the machines. Not the most subtle of metaphors, Mercedes

The massive PR stunt was approximately 39 feet long, 13 feet wide, and 11 feet tall. But, why a G Wagen

What does a G Wagen have to do with The Matrix? 

Mercedes AMG G63 inside red pill at The Matrix Resurrections premier
Mercedes AMG G63 inside red pill at The Matrix Resurrections premier | Mercedes

These days, many major films often work with an OEM to have a sort of signature car for a film. If you recall the original Transformers film, the Chevy Camaro reboot was prominently featured. Countless other film-and-car duos prove this common pr tactic; Back to the Future, I am Legend, and every James Bond film ever. 

Weirdly, the AMG63 in the giant red pill isn’t actually the same model that they use in The Matric Resurrection. According to Motor1, they actually use the “lesser” Mercedes G550 in the film for a major chase scene. Although we haven’t seen the movie, I can guess the chase will surely make a hero of the off-road luxury box. 

What’s so special about the 2022 Mercedes-Benz AMG63 G Wagen? 


The Mercedes G Wagen Just Beat the Chevy C8 Corvette For the Fastest-Selling Car in America

So, if they don’t use the AMG version in the movie, why use it in the display? For one, I doubt Mercedes cares all that much for keeping things true to a sci-fi film. The germans simply want to sell cars and what better car to sell than one of the most expensive offerings the company makes? 

The AMG G63 is not only a luxury SUV; it has some grunt under the hood, too. The king of the G Wagens has a 577-hp twin-turbo V8. What is incredible about the AMG G Wagen is that all though it starts at $157,500, it is still a proper off-roader. The G Wagen comes from a humble military background. Although more has changed for the G-Class than has stayed the same, the rough spirit of military vehicles is still present. 

Mercedes has big plans for the G-Class. Motor1 points out that Mercedes brings an all-new electric powertrain to the platform. The production electric  G-Class might be called the EQG, after the concept car. The electric G-Class will go on sale in 2024. 

Will the Mercedes G Wagen save us from The Matrix? 

Something tells me that the not-so-subtle G Wagen inside the red pill is meant to allude to something. Can driving a G Wagen pluck us from our dark and dreary lives and drop us into a world with incredible opportunities to be the chosen hero of all humankind by employing our valor and cunning? Maybe? Or maybe they just want us to see a movie and ogle their cool car.