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Mercedes-Benz is clearly pivoting toward electrification with a fresh lineup of EVs across the board. The automaker recently unveiled its electric flagship EQS model (including an AMG version). On the family SUV side, there’s a new seven-seat crossover called the EQB. Apparently, there’s even a battery-powered G-Wagen in the works. For traditional buyers of an E-class, or Tesla, M-B has now presented an electric luxury sedan alternative: the EQE.

The Mercedes-Benz EQE is basically a downsized EQS

Mercedes-Benz EQE Sedan
Mercedes-Benz EQE Sedan | Mercedes-Benz

Built on the same EVA2 platform as the EQS, the EQE has been trimmed down and employs a conventional trunk instead of a hatchback. Assembly for the majority of vehicle markets will take place in Bremen, Germany. A joint-venture plant with BBAC in Beijing will be producing the vehicle for Chinese consumers. Mercedes plans to launch the EQE sometime in mid-2022.

“After the EQS, the EQE is already the second model on our platform for luxury- and premium-class electric vehicles,” said Mercedes-Benz COO Markus Schäfer. “This speed of innovation shows the advantages of the scalable architecture: With the new EQE, we can quickly make the high-tech solutions of our electric flagship EQS available to a wider group of buyers. And our production flexibility reaches new heights with the EQE: at the Bremen plant, where the versions for the world market roll off the production line, four other models are already in production.”

The EQE interior will have an optional and expansive “Hyperscreen”

Mercedes-Benz EQE Sedan Interior
Mercedes-Benz EQE Sedan Interior | Mercedes-Benz

Those considering the Mercedes-Benz EQE over the larger EQS will retain access to one of its signature tech highlights: the dashboard-spanning Hyperscreen. Composed of three separate displays behind a single 56-inch panel of glass, it provides dedicated screens for both driver and passenger along with a common center stack. In contrast to the crop of tablet screens protruding from dashboards, there’s an inherently smooth aesthetic to the Hyperscreen.

So what will passengers be able to enjoy on their own personal screen? According to Car & Driver, they will have the ability to view films, at least in European markets. However, cameras are in place to ensure that an EQE driver will unable to view whatever content their passenger is consuming. Apparently, if they detect a pilot’s gaze averting too far sideways, the car has the ability to block the content. It’s unclear exactly what that means at this point, or whether it will be a factor on US versions, but it’s an interesting twist.

Mercedes-Benz forges its own electrified path

Mercedes-Benz will launch the electric E-class equivalent with an initial EQE 350 model. With a single 288 hp electric motor at the rear axle, its predicted range is around 300 miles. According to Car & Driver, the automaker states a 0-60 mph time of 5.6 seconds. With the stated 391 lb-ft of torque, that sounds about right. Subsequent variants will include all-wheel drive under the M-B 4MATIC designation, with an additional electric motor powering the front axle.

“With its dynamic driving experience and comprehensive range of Connected Services, the EQE is a perfect fit for the desires of a modern generation of customers. We reconcile innovation and emotionality with sustainability: with Green Charging, we are actively contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions” said Britta Seeger of Mercedes-Benz Marketing and Sales. “In addition, there are numerous intelligent functions that make everyday life easier for our customers. This includes Plug & Charge, for example – plug in and the EQE is charged without further authentication or registration.”

Final thoughts

Like many automakers, Mercedes-Benz is looking at an inevitable electric future and acting accordingly. The EQE model will help transition the bread and butter E-class segment for the brand and potentially grab Tesla customers looking for an electric and luxurious German car experience.


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