Mercedes-Benz Earned the Largest Fine Ever Given for Emissions Violations

Mercedes-Benz is one of the most popular companies and names in the automobile industry. Carl Benz is the man behind the beloved vehicle that has become a staple of our society. The automaker has over 130 years of success and history. Mercedes-Benz values the importance of both innovation and tradition. However, some recent headlines have put Mercedes-Benz under great scrutiny. Recently, Mercedes-Benz Korea received a fine for alleged emissions violations. Find out the specifics about the accusations and what this means for Mercedes-Benz.

What alleged emission violations is Mercedes-Benz facing? 

Mercedes-Benz Korea is facing very serious alleged emission violations. The Ministry of Environment suspects Mercedes-Benz has been selling vehicles with illegal emissions systems. According to Car Complaints, this is “the largest South Korean fine laid on an automaker for alleged emissions violations.” The hefty fines total around 63 million dollars. 

Oddly enough, Mercedes-Benz wasn’t the only one face the alleged emission violations. Porsche and Nissan are also under speculation and facing similar accusations. It seems to be odd timing and most likely isn’t a coincidence. 

How do the alleged emission violations go against protocol?

What exactly are the allegations behind the lofty fines? The Ministry of Environment believes that Mercedes-Benz is one of the automakers that are defrauding the government and consumers. This issue at hand seems to be the software that Mercedes-Benz. As explained, “installing illegal diesel software that affects exhaust gas recirculation and selective catalytic reduction systems which increases nitrogen oxide levels.”

When in the lab, the software reflects lower nitrogen oxide levels which allow vehicles to pass emission testing. However, when on the road, the vehicles begin to emit illegal levels of nitrogen oxide. The Ministry of Environment believes the deceitful actions could possibly be traced all the way back to 2012. They are estimating that around 37,000 Mercedes models could potentially be linked to the potential emissions violations.

If these accusations were to be true, Mercedes-Benz would be in a lot of trouble. This alleged information is concerning and disheartening for multiple reasons. Not only would it taint the reputation and image of the automaker, but it would also be causing a lot of harm to the earth and our environment. 

What does this mean for Mercedes-Benz?

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Mercedes-Benz does not believe that these fines are warranted. At the moment, the company refuses to pay the fines because they do not believe there is actually anything wrong with any of their vehicles in regard to emissions violations. The Ministry is planning on taking legal action and will eventually file criminal charges.

This also means that they will be forcing Mercedes-Benz to put a recall out for the vehicles. The automaker has 45 days to formally respond to the charges and outline a plan for the recall. However, in the meantime, the Korea branch is planning to take legal action against the government.

Mercedes-Benz claims the software designed for their vehicles in regard to the emission system is both complex and intricate. Nonetheless, the company has to be able to show and prove that their vehicles are meeting emissions standards. With the time dwindling down, owners will, hopefully, soon find out more details. 

Drivers and car owners are probably hoping that Mercedes-Benz models are not taking these accusations lightly. If the rumors are true this could tragically change the trajectory of the company. Many people have grown to love Mercedes-Benz over the years, but many are also hoping these allegations end up being false. Unfortunately, only time will tell. Stay tuned to see how this pans out the popular and successful car company.