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Mercedes has worked with many third-party tuners and coachbuilders over the company’s long history. The most famous of these third parties is, of course, AMG. Last year, Mercedes-AMG collaborated on something called Project Maybach alongside the late designer Virgil Abloh. Now, Merc has hoped on the celebrity collab train and recently teased a concept car with’s help. The result is a truly bizarre concept car that appears to have stolen its face from the G-Wagen. 

What is the newest Mercedes-AMG concept car? 

Mercedes-AMG teased the internet a few days ago with dark images of a rather bizarre-looking concept car. The car is set to debut today, although the exact time and location are unknown. Mercedes-AMG and have posted about the mysterious concept car without sharing many details other than the hashtags #innovationforpurpose and #will4amg. According to the’s website, the concept car is only referred to as the WILL.I.AMG.

As Gear Patrol keenly observes, this wild concept sort of looks like a cross between an E-Class Coupe and the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen. 

Is there any chance Mercedes will make this concept car? 

Mercedes-AMG x concept car
Mercedes-AMG x concept car | Mercedes-AMG

Based on historical precedent and the wild mashup of styles and segments, there is almost no chance that Mercedes-AMG makes the That point is even further made by the fact that many people, upon first glance, were not overly impressed with the strangeness of the concept. Even our friends at Gear patrol mentioned their knee-jerk reaction “involved some popular acronyms of our own: OMG, WTF, GTFO.” 

However, despite many people’s initially negative reactions, this concept, while bizarre, might be on to something. 

Could this concept transform into a super-powered luxury SUV? 

The Mercedes-AMG and collaboration is wild, but they might be on to something. Luxury SUVs are changing how many folks look at the SUV segment as they continue getting sportier and more powerful. 

Where once the SUV domain was ruled by American and Japanese 4x4s, now European performance brands like Lamborghini and Ferrari are making SUVs of their own. These European super-SUVs like the Urus, for example, are essentially giant supercars with four-wheel drive. This idea is gaining traction as Ferarri also debuted the brand’s first SUV, the V12 Purosangue. 

The thinking for this Mercedes-AMG concept is that with a little refining, it could be the brand’s next super SUV. Mercedes already has several super-hot SUVs like the AMG GLE 53 and the AMG-powered G-Wagen. The precedent is set, and the design is there. All that’s left is a willing spirit.

Although it is never wise to hold your breath on a concept car making it to production, this one is just weird enough to maybe work. 

Either way, at the time of this writing, all we have are some dark images of a cool-yet menacing Mercedes face. As they say down-home, “hope don’t cost nothin.’” So, here’s to hoping.


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