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Do you remember the Ford Excursion? If not, let me fill you in. The Ford Excursion was a massive SUV that took the honors as the longest and heaviest SUV ever to enter mass production. This big brute could be had with a 6.8-liter Triton V10 engine and was so big it didn’t fit in most garages. Although the size and power of the Excursion are impressive, the Megarexx SVN puts the Excursion to shame.

When you need room for nine, the Megarexx SVN is the Ford Excursion alternative

Megarexx SVN Interior - Notice the three rows of captain's chairs
Megarexx SVN Interior | Megarexx

Although not built on the Excursion platform, the Megarexx SVN is a massive people mover made to give you the size, power, and seating desired. This brutish SUV seats nine people comfortably, and not across three benches. Instead, the SVN features three rows of captains chairs and one bench in the rear. This gives everyone plenty of space to be comfortable.

The Megarexx SVN is massive on the outside

When you start with four rows of seats, it’s hard to ever say the vehicle would be small. Still, some SUVs turned into limousines sit low to the ground and give up any hope of off-road capabilities. That’s not the case for the Megarexx SUV. This big brute includes gigantic tires, wide fenders, and a huge lift kit to give it the off-road chops to take your large group out for some serious fun in the wilderness.

How did Megarexx create the SVN to be larger than the Ford Excursion?

Megarexx SVN Parked in a Field - This is a massive Ford Excursion successor
Megarexx SVN | Megarexx

Megarexx uses an old Ford Super Duty truck as the platform to build from. Toss in a hand-made aluminum roof, solidify the bed and body together, and you’ve got a big and impressive SUV. This big SUV doesn’t exactly look like an SUV when you see it. Instead, the one-piece glass window looks like what you’d find on the Ford Super Duty with a cap on top of the bed.

If you’re wondering which Ford Super Duty was used for this new SUV, it’s the Lariat Ultimate. Ford Authority tells us this is a great choice because it also gives the new Megarexx SVN the benefits of a strong 6.7-liter turbocharged V8 diesel Power Stroke engine. This massive power plant churns out 475 horsepower and 1,050 lb-ft of torque.

Why doesn’t Ford still make the Excursion?

2003 Ford Excursion Driving on a Wet Road
2003 Ford Excursion | Ford

The Ford Excursion was a huge hit during its first year in the market. This full-size SUV was produced from 2000-2005 and then didn’t return. During the first year, Ford sold more than 50,000 of these massive haulers. In 2005, only 16,000 Excursions were sold, which spelled the end of this big SUV. At that point, the demand for a larger-than-life SUV had been met.

Is the Megarexx SVN the only Ford variant offered?

The Megarexx SVN is large enough to put the Ford Excursion to shame, but it’s not the only Ford vehicle this company has built up to larger proportions. Megarexx also created the MegaRaptor which gave us a look at what a Raptor version of a Ford Super Duty truck could be. They’ve also created the MegaBronc which is also a Super Duty Bronco variant, and the new Mega Raptor 7.

Could the Megarexx SVN be the fitting solution for those that miss the Ford Excursion?


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