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The Dodge Grand Caravan isn’t the most beloved minivan in the segment’s history. But the photo of this one recently posted to Reddit might make the most hardened Grand Caravan hater soften up a bit. Honestly, this battered and burnt Dodge Grand Caravan looks more like a set-piece from The Walking Dead than it does a vehicle for humans to drive around. Meet the terrifying Dodge Grand Caravan from Hell. 

Dodge Grand Caravan in white
Dodge Grand Caravan | Wikimedia Commons

What happened to this poor Dodge Grand Caravan? 

It’s tough to know where to start with this singed van. What is more notable; the melted exterior or the fiendish mound of scrap metal overflowing from the roof rack

Let’s start with the junk pile. Carscoops points out that within the heap of twisted metal lies a shopping cart, wires, a Dodge steering wheel, and what looks like lumber? (photos here)

After your eyes scan the horrifying mass of scrap, they find more insanity the more they observe the cracked and melted paint of the van. How does a van this badly burned survive? It appears that the rear doors have melted, at least the trim and plastics have. The only way this vehicle makes any sense is if it was coming from or heading to a film set. 

The other option could be a strange piece of fan art. Fans of sci-fi and fantasy often mock up outfits, vehicles, or buildings from their favorite fantasy worlds. Over the decade, cosplay has taken the world by storm. Could this be a dedicated TWD fan who wanted to build a zombie apocalypse rig? 

Is the Dodge Grand Caravan a good car? 

In 2020, Dodge decided to kill the Grand Caravan. Despite the long run and massive sales figures, the Grand Caravan still got the ax. The Grand Caravan was Dodge’s best-selling vehicle in 2019. Even still, Dodge killed it. Why? Although tons of people bought the Caravan, most folks seem to dislike them

U.S. News strongly suggests that buyers steer clear of used Dodge Grand Caravans, even as recently as the final 2020 model. 

“The 2020 Grand Caravan is not a very good used minivan. Though it has a powerful engine and convenient folding Stow ‘n Go seats, this Dodge lags rivals in most areas. It has a stiff ride, an outdated infotainment system, and a low-rent cabin.” – U.S. News.

More importantly, due to the lack of fun features and a luxurious cabin, the Dodge van also lacked every modern safety feature except the backup camera. What good is a minivan that isn’t comfortable, luxurious, and safe? That is what makes minivans palpable. 

The truth reveals itself


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Upon understanding more about the hate many have for the Dodge Caravan, maybe this tortured minivan is making a bit more sense. It could be a TV prop or cosplay project, but maybe just as equally possible, it could be that someone snapped and showed their Dodge Grand Caravan exactly what they thought of it. Your guess is as good as mine.