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A cat getting trapped in a car engine bay happens more often than many people realize, as we detailed in an earlier post about a kitten trapped in the engine bay of a Nissan Rogue SUV. Now, we have another story to share about a mechanic that saved a kitten caught in the engine bay of a Hyundai Entourage minivan. After saving the fluffy feline, the mechanic adopted her. 

Kitten meows from the engine bay of a Hyundai Entourage minivan on a drive to school

Hyundai Entourage car engine bay and mechanic holding adopted kitten that he saved from engine bay
Hyundai Entourage engine bay and mechanic holding rescued kitten | WPMT FOX43 via YouTube

In early March, Jackie Sanderson of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, drove her daughter to school in her Hyundai Entourage minivan, as reported by WPMT FOX43. While driving, Sanderson heard a weird noise, and thought it was on the radio. She then turned down the radio and asked her daughter if she heard the noise. Her daughter replied, “No,” and asked her mother if “she’s going crazy.”

However, Sanderson was not going crazy, for an eight-week-old kitten was meowing from the engine bay of her Entourage minivan. Afraid that the kitten might get hurt, Sanderson drove her minivan to the side of the road. She got out of the minivan, popped the hood, and tried to get strangers to help get the kitten out of the engine bay.

“We couldn’t see the cat anywhere. We just heard meows. It just kept meowing, but we couldn’t see it anywhere,” said Sanderson. “Another lady came with some tuna to try and lure it out, but that didn’t work either.”

The police department assisted, but the kitten remained trapped

Given the struggles of trying to lure the kitten out, Sanderson didn’t know what to do next. She called the Camp Hill Police Department. However, Officer Trisha Mensch, the person that answered the call, also didn’t know how to proceed. “All I could really do is look under the hood. I’m not equipped to disassemble a vehicle,” said Officer Mensch. 

Both Sanderson and Officer Mensch made some calls to see who could come and help, but were not successful. That’s when they decided to take the minivan to Good Year Tire & Service in Lemoyne.

Mechanic rescues kitten, and then adopts her

On the drive to Good Year Tire & Service, Sanderson carefully “inched” her Hyundai Entourage minivan so that she would not disturb the kitten. She safely made it to the auto service center, and then the mechanics handled it from there. 

Kevin Howell, a service technician at Good Year Tire Service, said, “We put the car higher up in the air and shined flashlights up inside, and I saw her, so we put the car down, and someone finally got a hold of her, so she couldn’t go any other places.” 

Compared to the earlier incident of a kitten getting trapped in a Nissan Rogue, rescuing the kitten from the Entourage minivan was a much easier endeavor. For that incident, the local fire department spent 1.5 hours removing parts from the Rogue before they could free the kitten.

Howell, the technician that rescued the kitten, adopted her. He named her Gabby. After a harrowing journey in the engine bay of a Hyundai Entourage minivan, Gabby now has a happy home.


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