McLaren To Debut New Hybrid Supercar Later This Month

If you’ve been waiting for something to get excited about, you might just have to wait a few days longer. McLaren is leaving us on the edge of our seats as they tease us with the upcoming debut of their latest hybrid supercar, and now we are only days away. On February 17th (February 16th in some countries), the exotic car manufacturer that has taken social media platforms by storm will finally show us the car we’ve been waiting for: the McLaren Artura.

All we know is that we don’t know much

McLaren has given us hints as to what to expect from the latest supercar, the Artura, but it has done little besides tease our imagination. We have no idea what kind of fuel economy the car will get, but when you’re talking about a car that will no doubt cost the price of some houses, we doubt the driver will be considered about the amount of gas the car will consume, anyways. Regardless of our lack of information, we can’t help but be excited to see what’s next for McLaren.

A dark imagine hiding everything about the 2022 McLarent Artura besides a sliver of light that highlights the car's silhouette
The teaser of the 2022 McLaren Artura | McLaren

Potential power for the McLaren Artura

According to Car and Driver, we can set our expectations of the 2022 McLaren Artura towards something reasonable. The publication estimates that the hybrid twin-turbo V6 powered supercar will make somewhere around 560 hp, and they based that educated guess on the power produced by the McLaren 570S, the car that the Artura will be replacing. If that number is anywhere near true, then it won’t be as impressive as some other hybrid supercars or electric supercars to hit the market, like the Lotus Evija, but it will be enjoyable to drive nonetheless.

A carbon fiber panel with the McLaren emblem
McLaren Logo | Getty Images

The future of McLaren

Even before the reveal of the McLaren Artura the brand has left us in awe. Constantly raising the bar of what we have come to expect from hybrid and electric vehicles, the performance of the cars produced by McLaren have shown that electric cars are not only the future of consumer cars, but the future of true performance, and no matter how much power the Artura ends up having, there is no doubt that we will be impressed by it.

A close up image of the McLaren logo.
McLaren logo | MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP via Getty Images

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You can sign up to watch the reveal of the McLaren Artura right from the brand’s website by clicking here.