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In a significant move that emphasizes its commitment to high-performance engines, McLaren Automotive has recently announced a renewed engine supplier agreement with Ricardo. The deal solidifies a long-term partnership between the two entities. It centers around developing and supplying a new hybrid V8 powertrain for future McLaren vehicles. This collaboration marks an exciting chapter in the evolution of the brand’s impressive lineup of sports cars and supercars.

Is McLaren still making gas-powered cars?

2023 McLaren 765LT Spider
2023 McLaren 765LT Spider | McLaren

Many traditional performance brands are looking to move away from internal combustion. McLaren isn’t ready to go just yet, though, and has recommitted to building powerful V8s for the near future. In a press release, McLaren confirmed it has signed a deal with its engine supplier Ricardo to manufacture its next generation of V8 power units. These new engines will power the brand’s upcoming lineup of hybrid supercars as part of the brand’s “Future of Performance” strategy.

The multi-year deal builds upon an already successful partnership. Ricardo manufactures the company’s existing V6 and V8 engine lines. The relationship dates back over a decade, beginning when McLaren re-entered the road car business with the MP4-12C in 2011. Since then, Ricardo has manufactured approximately 34,000 powertrains for the British brand.

Is Ricardo a good engine supplier?

A silver McLaren P1 HDK parked at a car show
McLaren P1 HDK | Martyn Lucy via Getty Images

The collaboration between the British automaker and Ricardo has been fruitful. The collaboration brought in impressive engine architectures derived from an old Nissan Le Mans design. This successful partnership will continue well into the future. It will successfully defy the looming specter of electrification hanging over the broader automotive industry.

“We are extremely pleased to have concluded this new engine supply agreement with McLaren Automotive for their next generation high-performance V8 powertrain, which extends the long-term relationship between both companies into the next decade,” said Graham Ritchie, CEO of Ricardo.

What does the engine agreement mean for McLaren?

A black 2020 McLaren Speedtail driving down a runway during a sunset
McLaren Speedtail | McLaren

Under the agreement, Ricardo will manufacture both hybrid and conventional variants of the brand’s next-generation V8. The company is committed to investing in its facilities to support production. It has already assembled a skilled team of over 100 engineers and technicians dedicated to building engines for McLaren.

The brand’s decision to continue relying on powerful V8 engines demonstrates its commitment to delivering exceptional driving experiences. In addition, the engines will help continue the unique character of its vehicles.

Will McLarens still have a V8 engine?

The upcoming hybrid supercars from the British automaker, equipped with Ricardo’s new V8 power units, will undoubtedly captivate automotive enthusiasts. The brand’s decision to stay true to its V8 heritage while embracing hybridization demonstrates a careful balance between tradition and innovation. Furthermore, the collaboration will ensure that its future vehicles will continue to embody the brand’s renowned excellence in performance and engineering.


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