McLaren Plans to Release a Hybrid Supercar in 2021

McLaren has been having a bit of a tough time financially as of late. In June, the British carmaker tried to leverage its Woking factory and car collection to take out loans. At the beginning of September, we saw McLaren list its headquarters for a measly $259 million, as reported by The Drive. In an exciting twist of fate, McLaren seems to be focusing on the future by teasing a new hybrid supercar programmed to arrive sometime in 2021.

McLaren’s new car will have a V6 and a carbon fiber structure

McLaren took to Twitter to announce the arrival of its brand-new supercar. Although we only got one image in the post, the caption offered up some vital information. For one, we know an electrified V6 engine will power the new McLaren. Although it’s hard to judge from the image, it seems to be about the size of the current generation 570S. Motor1 reported that McLaren has been utilizing the 600 LT to conduct tire tests for the new model.

Aside from the hybrid powertrain, the new model will utilize an all-new carbon-fiber structure. Although all current McLaren models use a carbon tub, this new model seems to be utilizing the next generation of the structure. As a result, further improvements will most likely result in significant weight savings.

McLaren is currently testing over 45 prototypes

A close up image of the McLaren logo.
McLaren logo | MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP via Getty Images

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Firstly, developing an all-new McLaren is no easy feat. To give all of the significant components adequate testing hours, McLaren is currently running over 45 prototypes, as reported by Motor1. The British carmaker was adamant to point out that the test cars aren’t just camouflaged prototypes. A significant portion of the cars rolling around are mules running the new powertrain disguised as current-gen models. Judging by the overall size of the vehicle, we can assume that any funky-looking 570S or 600 LT is most likely carrying the new engine.

Aside from testing various components, a large prototype fleet allows the British carmaker to test the new car in varying climates simultaneously. Given McLaren’s use of an all-new powertrain, it is most likely trying to ensure that the car performs optimally in all parts of the globe. As a result, the fact that it has shown us a prototype wearing the production body means that the reveal should be right around the corner. Although McLaren mentioned it would arrive in 2021, there is no official release date.

Ferrari is also developing a V6-powered hybrid supercar

McLaren isn’t the only company running prototypes of an all-new V6-powered hybrid supercar. Ferrari was recently spotted by YouTube user Varryx, testing its own V6 hybrid powertrain. Unlike McLaren, Ferrari seems to be further away from a production debut. The 488 GTB-bodied prototype doesn’t seem to wear any production body panels.

Ferrari has yet to make an official statement or teaser of its all-new car. Interestingly, Motor1 reported that preliminary information suggests that this new Ferrari will sit below the fire-breathing SF90. Regardless, last time McLaren and Ferrari went at it, we got the P1 and the LaFerrari, so if the carmakers are going to battle again, the results should be epic.