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If you don’t have all the impressive stats on the McLaren 720S, now is your chance. The 2022 McLaren 720S price and top speed are below, but more on that later. How exactly do you drive 200 mph in a sports car such as this, and what does it feel like? Check out the MotorBiscuit interview below with a first-hand account from Jason Fenske after doing more than 200 mph in the McLaren 720S.

The McLaren 720S top speed is 212 mph, but what’s it like to go that fast?

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The twin-turbocharged 4.0L V8 engine in the McLaren 720S gets around 719 hp (710 bhp) and up to 568 lb-ft of torque. Hitting 60 mph in the McLaren sports car takes only 2.8 seconds. After five seconds, it hits the 124 mph mark. The McLaren 720S top speed is 212 mph, and it can stop from 124 mph in just 4.6 seconds.

Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained had the chance to hit that top speed in the 720S and explained what it felt like. At the 2022 Sun Valley Tour de Force in Ketchum, Idaho, Fenske had the opportunity to take the McLaren on a public road (as in, not a race track).

The McLaren 720S top speed is 212 mph, but actually hitting that top speed is impressive. Fenske said hitting that speed was not a problem, but he had to remember to keep it at that speed for the duration. At some point in the run, Fenske noted he was more worried about how well the McLaren stopped than how fast it went.

Remember those stopping times from before? The automaker says the sports car can go from 124 mph to zero mph in 4.6 seconds and 387.1 ft. From 62 mph to zero, the 720S only needs 2.8 seconds or 98.4 ft. Plenty of time!

How much does the McLaren 720S cost?

This Glacier White McLaren 720S price and top speed might impress you
The McLaren 720S in Glacier White | McLaren

The McLaren 720S sports car comes in three trim levels. The 720S, the 720S Luxury, and the 720S Performance. McLaren calls it the “superlight supercar,” and it delivers on that promise. Using a “carbon fiber chassis around Monocage II central structure,” the automaker could get the weight down to 2,828lbs (dry weight).

Pricing for the 2022 McLaren 720S starts at $305,000, plus another $5,500 for the Transportation and Port Processing Charges. That price only goes up for the Luxury and Performance models.

Looking at the DuPont Registry website, $349,888 is the lowest price for a 2022 McLaren 720S. One with 2,795 miles is currently listed for $484,996. Most of the product lineup is already spoken for before it is released, so buyers are probably paying quite a bit over MSRP. McLaren made less than 1,000 of these supercars, making each more valuable.

How much is the cheapest McLaren?

How much is the cheapest McLaren, you might ask? If you can buy one directly from the automaker, the McLaren 540C will run you about $184,900. The 540C will get you 540 hp and 398 lb-ft of torque. Regarding top speeds for this affordable McLaren, it comes in at 199 mph. The 540C can get from zero to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, which will still beat most cars.

“The 720S is at the core of the exclusive range of cars from McLaren Automotive, the manufacturer of luxury, high-performance supercars.”


If the McLaren 720S price doesn’t scare you off and a top speed of 212 miles an hour sounds good, this is the supercar for you. You can watch it race against a Tesla Model S Plaid if you are not convinced it’s worth the cash.

For more videos about the McLaren 720S and other sports cars, subscribe to the MotorBiscuit YouTube Channel!


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