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Have you heard of Andrew Tate? If not, we would be a little surprised, considering he’s taken over the YouTube and Tik Tok algorithms as of late. Tate is a four-time world kickboxing champion and well-known entrepreneur that’s known primarily for his strong male views. However, we recently found one of his videos where he reviews his McLaren 720s (thanks YouTube algorithm).

All in all, the review is entertaining to watch, and it’s clear that Tate knows his car well. However, as exceptional as the 720S is, according to Tate, it has one big problem.

The McLaren 720S’s biggest problem isn’t its lack of reliability

The McLaren 720S.
The McLaren 720S. | Martyn Lucy/Getty Images

“Let me tell you something about McLarens, they are a pain in the a**. They’re a headache.” Andrew Tate said. “McLarens are like that beautiful that you know is no good for you, but she’s gorgeous, so you go out with her anyway.” Tate says everything in the 720 S is a “pain,” including its reliability.

“If you have looked up McLarens on the forums, you’ll know that they often get stupid warning lights and computer warning lights,” Tate continues. However, that’s not the one big problem that plagues the 720S.

Before getting to that, Tate addressed another issue he has with his car: “I don’t like the interior at all. McLarens are extremely fast, but I don’t feel like the interior is very luxury. Does it look luxury to you?”

McLaren 720S sports car interior on display at the 2019 Concours d'Elegance.
McLaren 720S sports car interior on display at the 2019 Concours d’Elegance. | Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

Keep in mind that the McLaren 720S is just like any other supercar on the market, which means that it favors a race-car style as opposed to a luxurious one. But the one problem that Andrew Tate has with his McLaren 720S is that it’s not all-wheel drive. It’s rear-wheel drive, which makes it hard to put the power to the ground.

“I think this car would be the best car on the planet if it were four-wheel-drive. But it’s not, it’s two-wheel-drive, and that gives it huge traction issues,” Tate explains.

Can you drive a McLaren 720S every day?

“I hate that question; it’s a stupid question,” Tate says in the video. “Of course, you can!” He goes on to explain that if you keep the car in comfort mode and have the shift automatically, the 720S is somewhat easy to live with. He then warns viewers that the 720S is not a “civilized car at all.”

He means that the McLaren 720S can prove difficult to drive in a novice’s hands. Let’s face it, 720 hp is nothing to sneeze at or not have any respect for. “This thing has so much power in the rear wheels that you can’t even move forward without fishtailing,” Tate explains. He even mentions that if the 720S is going to be your first supercar, then you may want to start with something tamer instead.

Gas mileage is not the 720S’ strong suit

Andrew Tate posing next to his McLaren 720S.
Andrew Tate posing next to his McLaren 720S. | Andrew Tate/YouTube

While traction, comfort, and interior quality are obvious points of criticism, Tate also points out that the 720S gets terrible fuel economy. According to the EPA, the 720S can achieve up to 15 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway. That doesn’t sound too terrible. However, we can imagine that if you’re stabbing the throttle a lot, then it be a lot worse.

“This car [720S] will use a whole tank of fuel at the same time a Huracan will use a quarter tank of fuel,” Tate says in the video. That’s pretty surprising.

Ultimately, Andrew Tate may not be a professional car reviewer, but he did a great job in expressing his view on the venerable supercar. And now we know, don’t buy a McLaren 720S as your first supercar. Its reliability issues, lack of traction, and poor fuel economy will catch up to you in the end.


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