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The Mazda Miata has always been known as a reliable and dependable two-seat convertible. Many Miata owners have kept their cars for years and beaten them to the ground without so much as a hiccup from the rear-drive roadster. But one Miata owner, Alex Giroux, surprisingly found himself at the helm of his charred-up Mazdaspeed Miata after it (kind of) survived a house fire. Now that’s what we call “reliability.”

What happened to this melted Mazdaspeed Miata?

Alex Giroux and his charred Mazdaspeed Miata
Alex Giroux and his charred Mazdaspeed Miata | via Facebook

There aren’t too many details released about what exactly happened but, according to The Drive, this Mazdaspeed Miata was parked in the garage when a house fire occurred. As you can see from the pictures, the aluminum hood was melted through, the soft top was burnt down, and the windshield melted from the immense heat. Things don’t get much better underneath the hood either, as the engine bay looks like a freshly used fireplace.

As you can imagine, the car’s interior didn’t fare much better as the plastics were all melted down. Surprisingly, the seats, steering wheel, and center console area look mostly intact, as does the shifter. So it’s no surprise that Giroux was daring enough to try and get the car started.

Giroux’s burnt-up Miata getting new wheels | via Facebook

The Miata is rough, but it still rips

The engine bay of the burnt-up Mazdaspeed Miata
The engine bay of the burnt-up Mazdaspeed Miata | via Facebook

The Drive notes that when Giroux was finally able to get the car home, he meddled around and found that some parts were still working despite the melted mess. In fact, all of the electrical components were working fine after Giroux pried apart the melted wiring and fixed a short circuit that occurred. Upon doing so, the car started right up.

Giroux wasn’t too afraid of the car not starting as he’s worked on plenty of Miatas in the past. As an avid fan of the Miata platform, he told The Drive, “I’ve had 48 Miatas in just over three years. I knew it’d be easy; nothing was fully gone, wiring wise.”

It took a little more than wiring work to get the car back on the road, but Giroux succeeded. He ended up adding a new set of wheels and tires, removing the damaged front bumper, and replacing the washer bottle with a Jack Daniels bottle to get it adequately running. In the end, he was able to take the car to a local car meet and even did a couple of burnouts.

Will this Miata ever be the same again?

The interior of the Mazdaspeed Miata
The interior of the Mazdaspeed Miata | via Facebook

Technically speaking, Giroux could bring his beloved Mazdaspeed Miata back to full fighting form. However, he hasn’t said whether or not he will. Even if he never did, this is one Miata that definitely sets itself apart from all of the others with its molten motif.

After all, Mazda Miatas have always been known for their reliability. And while this one looks like it could be on its last legs at any moment, it sure is a testament to Mazda’s superb build quality. Or maybe, this Miata just happened to be lucky.


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