Mazda6 Owners Complain About the 2009 Model the Most

Every car has its good years and bad years. We often highlight some of the most problematic years to avoid based on the consumer experiences collected over a variety of sources. Today, we wanted to look at the fan-favorite, Mazda6.

This fun and edgy sedan has found its way into driveways and garages since 2003. For those who bought the 2009 model, there were some trending concerns that might be of use to you in your used-car-buying efforts today. In fact, these complaints might deter you from the 2009 Mazda6 altogether.

There’s plenty to like about the Mazda6

This year’s Mazda6 isn’t bragging about any changes, but it doesn’t have to. Upon its redesign in 2014, this sedan continues to look impressive and brings high-quality interiors. With its affordable price tags across the variety of trims, the Mazda6 is full of driver assistance features, sporty performance, and it’s fun to drive.

Many reviews suggest it also has a strong value and low cost of ownership, but it wasn’t always so, especially for those who bought the Mazda6 in its earlier years.

Why 2009 was a rough year

According to, the 2009 model year for the Mazda6 incurs the most volume of complaints over any other year. Many complaints came regarding interior accessory malfunctions. Others cite problems with exterior paint degradation and subframe rusting.

The most significant concern, however, involves engine failure and costly engine replacements that had some Mazda6 owners shelling out more than $3,000.

Diving into instances of engine problems, consumers shared their horror stories. Most began with knocking and tapping sounds from the engine between the 90,000- and 111,000-mile mark. Another consumer shared that he experienced his ‘noises’ that were accompanied by excessive smoke, coughing from the exhaust.

One man was told a simple head gasket replacement would solve the problem. Another Mazda6 owner was told his car needed an EGR, valve part. Both were misdiagnosed, and the ultimate solution was complete engine replacement.

2009 wasn’t the only problematic year

Engine problems plagued other Mazda6 models in addition to 2009. The experts suggest 2004 was actually the worst model year, due to these commonly reported engine failures in addition to other concerns. When it comes to engine issues, 2003, 2004, and 2006 all have documented reports.

Replacing an engine is not a minor fix and can be especially dangerous if failures occur while driving. The average costs, based on these consumer experiences, were upwards of $3,900, and most failures occurred around 74,000 miles.

Getting ahead of an engine problem

You may be driving an older model Mazda6 or could be considering buying one used. Not all sedans will present with engine failure, but you will want to stay ahead of problems before they result in costly replacements. Based on the experiences of others, be mindful of new or strange noises from under the hood.

Also, recognize any excessive smoke emitting from the tailpipe. At first glance, mechanics have misdiagnosed some of these engine problems. The more you know about common replacements, the more help you can find for quicker solutions.

Of course, the best way to avoid potential engine failures may be just to avoid these model years of the Mazda6 entirely. At the very least, if you’re thinking about buying a used one, do your homework and verify past repairs.

If the engine doesn’t feel right when you drive it, it may be best to stay away. Since the redesign in 2014, Mazda seems to have corrected any design flaws that may have contributed to the problems experienced by others in years past.