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There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a product as complicated as an automobile. We see it all of the time, usually in the form of a recall. But the reason for the Mazda3s recall is a bit strange. 

The Mazda3 steering wheel badge can shatter

2007 Mazda3s sedan in charcoal gray
2007 Mazda3s sedan | Mazda

That it affects the steering wheel badge isn’t in itself strange or even unique. There has already been a recall for Chevy Camaros for steering wheel badges popping off when the airbag is deployed. The badge can fly into the driver in those circumstances possibly injuring him or her. 

So this is about the Mazda3 steering wheel badge. But the recall is over the badge shattering causing shrapnel to injure the driver. Apparently, the badges were made from a material that gets brittle over time. Supposedly the material used was the wrong specification. 

When will owners be notified?

2007 Mazda3s sedan and hatchback parked together
2007 Mazda3s sedan and hatchback | Mazda

The Mazda3 vehicles affected are 2004 to 2007 model years and takes in 260,915 cars. Mazda will be sending out notices to owners soon. Owners will be asked to bring their cars to a local dealership. Dealers will replace the airbag module cover that houses the badge at no charge. 

If you have questions you can contact either Mazda’s site for updates or the NHTSA’s website

These models were made as both a hatchback and a traditional sedan with a trunk. The Mazda3 debuted as a 2004 model. In late 2008, a second-generation Mazda3 debuted running through 2018. A third-gen Mazda3 was unveiled in late-2019 and became the fastest-selling model in Mazda history.


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