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  • New patent filings reveal a 2-door Mazda 3 is coming
  • Mazda also filed a patent for a rear-drive rotary sports car
  • Lighweight window patens point towards sporty Mazda hatchbacks

Right now, if you want a fast Mazda or even a Mazda sports car, your options are pretty limited. As good as the Mazda Miata is, it’s not what you’d call “fast.” If you want a fast hatch from the Japanese brand, your options open up a little more. However, the Mazda 3 is no Mazdaspeed 3. It’s got an automatic and isn’t exactly a driver’s car. Now, that might be about to change.

A grey Mazda 3 shot from the front 3/4 in a parking garage
The Mazda 3 is currently only available in 4-door format | Austin Lowman via unsplash

Will there be a new Mazdaspeed 3?

So, let’s talk about the possibility of two things. First, a new Mazdaspeed 3, and (maybe, just maybe) a new Mazda RX-7. Thanks to the folks at Carbuzz, we know the Japanese automaker has filed new patents for a new two-door hatch. Moreover, we know it’s going to be based on the existing Mazda 3 platform. A quick look at the patent reveals some very obvious underpinnings tied to the brand’s hatchback.

So, like the Volkswagen GTI once was, we now know that the Mazda 3 will soon be offered in coupe body style. What’s more, the patent also shows a frameless design for the doors, not unlike the BMW E46 M3’s doors. Strangely enough, the Mazda 3 coupe will also have plastic-made windows, not glass ones. And those reduce weight. Lots of it.

A new Mazdaspeed car could pave the way for more sporty models

A blue Mazdaspeed 3 with modifications shot from the front 3/4 angle
The Mazdaspeed 3 has become a staple in the aftermarket car scene | Bardia Hashemirad via unsplash

Perhaps this new coupe will be the resurgence of the long-dead Mazdaspeed 3. After all, we know Toyota is entering the hot hatch space with a new GR Corolla, and the competition there is stiff, to say the least. Maybe Mazda wants a piece of that pie. A two-door certainly won’t carry the mass appeal the Mazda 3 does, but it will reduce weight, something enthusiasts love.

Further evidence of this can be found in another patent filing. That one’s for something arguably more interesting than a potential Mazdaspeed 3. More patent documents show a filing for a three-rotor (yes, as in rotary engine), rear-wheel drive sports car with a transaxle gearbox. Perhaps we’re looking at a new sports car engine from Mazda, intended to fit into numerous models.

A new Mazda RX-7 sports car could still be in the works

The potential Mazda RX-7 successor: the Mazda RX-Vision concept
The Mazda RX-Vision has been hailed as potential RX-7 successor | Christopher Jue via Getty Images

Obviously, the RX-7 is the first car that springs to mind. We’ve yet to see anything come from the above RX-Vision concept. Regardless, both patent filings pose some interesting questions and raise numerous new possibilities for sporty Mazdas beyond just the Miata. Call us very, very excited about the future of fast Mazdas.


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