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The automotive industry is constantly evolving, with new models being released each year to capture consumers’ attention. Recently, Mazda introduced the CX-50 to its lineup, a sleek and modern SUV that has generated a buzz in the market. However, with the arrival of this new model, some experts speculate that it may be causing a decline in sales for Mazda’s popular CX-5. Let’s look at this issue and explore the factors that may be contributing to it. So, is the CX-50 really causing the CX-5 to suffer?

The sales figures for Mazda’s CX-5 and CX-50 SUVs

According to GoodCarBadCar, the Month LY (last year) sales figure of 21,645 represents a decrease of -23.25% compared to the same month in the previous year. This drop in sales could be attributed to various factors, such as increased competition from rival SUV models or supply chain issues that may have affected production or availability. However, despite this decline, the YTD (year-to-date) sales figure of 38,727 indicates that the CX-5 is still a popular choice among consumers, with a strong foothold in the SUV market.

Turning to the Mazda CX-50, the Month LY sales figure of 56 is small, but it represents an impressive increase of +7,060.71% compared to the same month last year. This remarkable growth is likely due to the CX-50’s recent launch and its buzz in the market. The YTD sales figure of 9,764 further demonstrates the CX-50’s early success, with a significant YTD change of +17,335.71%. This suggests that the CX-50 is quickly gaining traction among consumers and could potentially compete with other top-performing SUVs on the market.

The CX-5 and CX-50 are competing for the same spot in the SUV market

2023 Mazda CX-50 Meridian compact SUV model with roof rails parked near snowy forest hills with its headlights on
2023 Mazda CX-50 Meridian | Mazda North American Operations

Regarding the mid-size SUV market, the Mazda CX-5 and CX-50 models occupy a similar spot, appealing to consumers who prioritize functionality, reliability, and affordability. Both models are designed with families in mind, providing ample space for passengers and cargo, as well as various safety and entertainment features.

The CX-5, introduced in 2012, has established a loyal customer base over the years thanks to its impressive fuel economy, agile handling, and overall value proposition. On the other hand, the CX-50 is a newer model, launched in 2022, that builds on Mazda’s Kodo design philosophy and incorporates the latest technology and features. The CX-50’s slightly larger size, more refined interior, and available turbocharged engine options may appeal to consumers looking for a slightly more premium SUV experience.

While the CX-5 and CX-50 share similarities, they also have some notable differences in terms of design, features, and pricing. Ultimately, the success of each model will depend on how well they can differentiate themselves in the crowded SUV market and appeal to their respective target audiences.

Is the introduction of the CX-50 affecting CX-5 sales?

The introduction of the CX-50 has generated a lot of buzz in the SUV market, with some experts speculating that it could alter CX-5 sales. While the CX-5 has been a popular model for Mazda over the years, the CX-50’s launch presents a new and potentially more attractive option for customers looking for a mid-size SUV. With its sleeker design, advanced features, and turbocharged engine options, the CX-50 may be luring some CX-5 customers away with promises of a more modern and premium driving experience.

However, it’s important to note that the CX-5 still has many features and attributes that make it an appealing option for SUV shoppers. For example, the CX-5’s fuel economy is among the best in its class, and its handling and driving dynamics are renowned for providing a sporty and engaging driving experience. Additionally, the CX-5’s established reputation for reliability and value may also help it retain a loyal customer base.

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